A Radical Decision: Stepping Up My Game with My Holistic Approach to Health

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

March 21st, 2011 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

Three months ago, I had an ultrasound that revealed I had a big honkin’ nodule on my left thyroid gland, with a black spot at the bottom of the nodule. I also had abnormally large nodules on my right thyroid gland.

The endocrinologist wanted me to get a biopsy. On the surface, it’s a perfectly reasonable step: Use the tools of Western medicine to find out what’s going on in there. But I knew that even if, Gd forbid, the biopsy showed the cells to be cancerous, I would not get the recommended procedure – namely, removing my thyroid glands — for a few reasons:

  • It was the medical system that fucked up my body, not the car crash. The car crash just catapulted me into a system in which I went from bad to worse.
  • It was, after a decade of pain and suffering, dance that healed me – something that nobody could have seen coming. It was, in other words, my body that healed itself.
  • My thyroid gland is there for a reason. Rather than cut it out, I want to figure out how to heal it, so that my body functions optimally and in full health.
  • If I were to remove my thyroid gland, I would have to take pharmaceuticals for the rest of my life. It would be life-endangering to not have those medications at my access. Meaning I would be completely and totally dependent on pharmaceuticals for living.
  • From age 11 to 22, I had intense respiratory illness – asthma, allergies, and nasal congestion. I took four medications four times a day for that illness. At age 22, through intuition and sheer mental determination, I then got myself completely off all those medications – because I did not want to be dependent on pharmaceuticals. By age 24, I had weaned myself off completely. I have no intention of returning to a state of pharmaceutical dependency.
  • I believe in the integrity of my body as a whole organic system. If I were to remove my thyroid gland, it would throw my body out of whack. My body would end up in an even more disharmonious state and, as a result, quite possibly dependent on even more medications.
  • Medications cause side effects. Nobody knows how my body might react to the drugs that are prescribed when a thyroid gland is removed. I recently had horrible side effects to antibiotics – including one where I lost my normal cognitive abilities for several weeks. I want to stay away from drugs wherever humanly possible.
  • If my body is dependent on medications for treating a removed thyroid gland, I may end up needing additional medications for treating the side effects of the initial medications. And on and on and on until my body is not my body, but a warehouse of chemicals. And who knows how I might react to any of those chemicals.
  • Considering that even in the worst case scenario, I will choose the holistic route, there is no reason to subject myself to an invasive procedure to determine whether the growths are cancerous or not.

Which all goes to say, I am seeing my game and raising the ante: I am keeping my radically pure diet – vegan, organic, no sweeteners of any kind, no soy, no gluten, and no fried food (though I may allow food cooked in coconut oil, since apparently that does not create free radicals).

I also am adding a few things:

  • I am going to sing every day – vibrating the area that is affected. Just as dance healed my pain, so do I believe that singing can heal my thyroid.
  • I am going to take a holistic lab test on my iodine levels – determining if I may need iodine supplements
  • I will go at least twice a month, if not more, for bodywork sessions with a practitioner I have worked with for over a decade and whose energy is profoundly healing.
  • I will read affirmations and other healing books daily.
  • I will religiously take green supplements – gathered from the earth and the sea.
  • I will religiously eat raw cilantro. A friend of mine had a rabbit that developed a tumor. My friend fed the rabbit cilantro a couple of times a day for three months, and the tumor disappeared.
  • I will up the amount of raw foods I eat, so that the produce I consume maintains its nutrients.

At the end of the day, this is my body; this is my life; and this is my path.


Dr. J March 21st, 2011

You may repeat the ultrasound to see if these nodules have grew up or got down. Also, if you grew up in iodine deficient region, the nodular goiter is the the common complication of this

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