Achieve Balance: Exercise Log April 27-May 3

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

May 4th, 2008 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

I find it challenging to achieve balance in my life. To do things with consciousness, I need to give them adequate time and attention. So each of the things I need to do end up competing with each other, and it’s difficult to figure out which piece of my life to give how much of my energy.

For example, last week I made significant strides in several parts of my life — including, but not limited to, the spiritual and social dimensions. These changes enriched my life tremendously in a very short period of time, leaving me feeling loved and part of community in areas where I previously was feeling lonely and isolated.

The exercise and eating dimensions of my life, to the contrary, did not fare so hot. Nor did this blog, for which I only managed to write two very basic posts.

But I’m not stressing about it. At a spiritual support group yesterday, I heard my own perfectionist tendencies resonating in the personal shares of other people. And I was reminded that, like everyone else, I’m just a human being with limitations.

It is unrealistic to expect myself to achieve everything I want all the time. I think the important thing is to regularly check in with myself about where I’m meeting my various needs and where I’m falling short, doing the best I can at any given moment to nurture each aspect of my life.

That said, my exercise log from this past week is nothing to write home about, but hopefully it will have improved by next week.


Walk 1 mile (on cement)


Walk 1 mile (on cement)


Swim 1/2 mile

Walk 1.2 miles (on cement)


Dance 20 minutes

Hand physical therapy routine




Hand physical therapy routine


Dance 1 hour

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