Energy Healing, Trust, and Personal Power: An interview with Adam, DreamHealer

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

June 29th, 2008 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

Adam, also known as DreamHealer, is a distant energy healer whose first experiences with energy healing inspired me to trust my own. In this interview, Adam answers my questions about energy healing, trust, and personal power.

Loolwa Khazzoom: I’m just finishing up your book, The Path of the Dream Healer. You describe how you had a vision of a black, human-size, unusual-looking bird in a very specific location on an island, many miles from your home. You and your family made a trip to that location and found the exact bird in the exact spot where you had seen it in your mind. Finding the bird made you and your family immediately stop doubting your energetic and psychic powers.

For me, the turning point — where I started taking my self-healing abilities seriously — was after reading your first book, DreamHealer. It was validating. I thought, “If someone else is having these kinds of experiences, even more unusual than my own, then what I’m experiencing is real as well.” Why is it so hard for us to believe that energetic and psychic powers are real, without some kind of external confirmation?

Adam, DreamHealer: The majority of experience in our life is physical – 3-D things that we can see, touch, and feel. In the case of energy healing, it’s not so physical. It really comes down to a knowing, a feeling. For some people, it’s difficult to accept. I know that for myself, if I hadn’t had these experiences, I wouldn’t be talking about any of this. I wouldn’t be someone who believes in any of this.

LK: But even though you had these experiences, you and your family initially had a hard time trusting them. For you, it was verified by this bird. In my case, I’m always thinking and saying things that are different. I’m generally very confident in my ideas, which can be pretty “out there.” But when it came to my self-healing abilities, for some reason I had a hard time trusting myself.

So what’s going on here? Why, even for people who are having these experiences, is it hard for us to accept, “Yeah, this is real”?

ADH: I think that the difficulty is in being able to trust oneself right away. It’s kind of like, you have an intuition that an event is going to happen, and your gut feeling is telling you that it is going to happen; but it’s difficult to act on that intuition, because you don’t have any evidence that it is going to happen. That’s just kind of the way our society is oriented.

But if you just start to learn to trust yourself, to trust your intuitions, to trust your gut feelings; if you have a couple instances where you follow up on them, and they turn out to be true, it gets a lot easier to accept.

LK: Once I started on this path and started believing in myself, I searched for a practitioner to help me strengthen my skills — which were very touch and go: Sometimes I could just go into a place of pain and be able to “see” it and send energy to it, following which the pain would go away in minutes. Other times, I would be sitting there, trying and trying to heal the pain, without success. I wanted to find people who could help me understand this energy and how I could successfully navigate it.

In the case of the first practitioner approached, I very clearly expressed, “I need some help understanding this power — how to access it, how to be my own healer.” Her response was that I needed to be her client for an extended period, at the tune of something like $250/hour, so that she could “clear [my] energy field” and tell me “why [I] kept injuring myself” and this that and the other thing.

The way she was talking felt as if she wanted deference from me. She wanted me to hand my personal power over to her as The Healer. As I continued my search, I had similar experiences. It seems to me that it is common for energy healing practitioners to say, “I know what’s going on, and you need to defer to that.”

What do you have to say to somebody who is just starting out on this path? How do people get help accessing their energy healing powers, without handing over their personal power to practitioners?

ADH: Well first of all, you were talking earlier about having on and off days. That is completely normal. There are people who are psychic and feel pressure to always have the right answer. You don’t necessarily get an answer all the time. It’s very important to be able to admit that, to say, “I don’t know, I didn’t pick anything up this time.”

I’ve had some days where I’ve been incredibly into the energy and felt that I knew everything that was happening. I’ve had other days where I really didn’t feel I was picking up on much at all. It’s very important to recognize that. It’s just a natural part of healing. If you think about it, it’s no different than anything else: For any sport, you have on and off days. You have on and off days in school. It’s the exact same thing.

Another thing that’s important: If you’re trying to access your healing abilities, and you’re trying to improve your own healing abilities, you have to go on your own experiences. Every single person has an energy that is unique to them. And because of that, you can’t just fit yourself into the framework of a certain set of ideas.

If there’s an idea that resonates strongly with you, that makes sense to you, that you like – great. Take that idea and go with it. But if there’s an idea that doesn’t seem to resonate so strongly with you, then ignore it.

It’s the same as with anyone at my conferences: If someone comes to my conference, and something I say resonates strongly with them, that’s perfect — use that. If something doesn’t resonate so strongly with you, and you have another concept, another idea, that you like better — use that. It’s a unique energy that you’re working with, and you have to use what’s most effective for you.

LK: What you’re saying sounds very encouraging of a person’s intuition, which is coming straight from the Source. What do you have to say about energy healing practitioners who are out there with this, “You have to do it this way” mentality?

It seems similar to the attitude that is rampant in the world of Western medicine, where doctors think they have the answer — which makes it frustrating if you want their expertise and knowledge but want to do things in a way that make sense to you. Why do you think that attitude also exists in the world of energy healing? It seems almost antithetical.

ADH: I know what you mean. It’s a rigid framework. I think that translates over from our everyday experiences. You know, when you drive a car, you have to try to drive it this way; you don’t drive it whatever way you want. It’s analogous, and I think that kind of mentality gets dragged over to a lot of modalities, not just energy healing.

I very strongly believe that when you’re trying to go with your intuition, there is not a framework of rules that you have to follow. Because if you’re doing that — if you’re trying to follow this set of rules — then you’re not picking up your full intuition. The whole idea about intuition is it comes to you. You don’t force it. That’s why I think it’s important to go on your own experiences.

Like I said, if something works well for you — great, that’s perfect. If you have a strong belief that works well for you, do that. But that doesn’t mean that every other person who is trying to accomplish the same objective has to do it that way. They can always mix it up a little bit.

LK: So if I understand you correctly, it sounds like you’re saying that even though people are in the world of healing, even though they themselves may be fantastic intuitives, they’re still influenced by this society. The idea that one has to do something “this way” is coming from that influence but not from within the energy healing itself.

ADH: I think that’s the same not just for energy healing, but for a lot more aspects of our lives than we know.

LK: What precautions do you advise people to take, to ensure that they’re not kind of falling into somebody else’s catechism, as it were — not handing over their personal power to somebody else?

ADH: I think it’s very important, with any healing modality, that you take on the responsibilityof your own health. I really encourage people to do that. When I do these group healings, these workshops, the focus is not on what I’m doing. The focus is on what participants can do for themselves.

Adam, DreamHealer is a distant energy healer and best-selling author of three books about his work. His techniques are described in his first book, DreamHealer: His name is Adam, and specific tools to increase our own healing abilities are given in DreamHealer 2: Guide to Self-Empowerment. An interactive DVD has just been released, which brings this method to life, entitled, DreamHealer: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment. Adam’s third book, The Path of the DreamHealer, is also available in many languages world-wide.


Robert Mariotti C.Ht. June 30th, 2008

Thank you for this interview and making it posible to grow a little more . I have these experiences a lot ,It comes and goes , it is a knowing feeling in my gut that something is going to take place
and it usually is just a small thing like being just a small part of a whole picture

Rev. Robert Mariotti C.Ht. D.D. M.s.D.

Ian Stone July 1st, 2008

It is good you are voicing these thoughts that we all go through. We try to rationalize what are we doing and experiencing, however we learn to trust as we observe the results.

Most Energy Healers are following a methodology and modality that they have been taught without themselves accessing The Source for new additional knowledge that will be perfect for them.

For others who have accessed The Source and been guided to new methods or additions to these existing modalities are naturally convinced that these methods or additions are the way to go, because of the better results they achieve.

The way I have found to sort this out is to ask The Source and to trust the answers, just the way you do, during healing. We are all uniquely different with our own destinies.

Saying this we need to be open to new ideas and learning because often we have not yet found the best specific way. Teaching, sharing and learning, give us all, new understanding of how little we know, keep up the good work.

With Love
Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
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