Back in the Hospital

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 24th, 2013 • Patient AdvocacyPrint Print

Late Saturday night, my mom started vomiting brown liquid that looked like coffee. I did not know until Sunday afternoon, after speaking with her. I rushed her to urgent care, where we were advised that my mom very well may have internal bleeding and that it was a life and death matter to get her to the emergency room. In the ER, she was given many tests, and doctors concluded that she must have torn her stomach from all the Aleve she had taken over the years. Since she was still vomiting the coffee ground something or other (as it is called) and bleeding internally, they advised her to check into the hospital, which she did.

I left the hospital late at night and got home at 2 am. At 2:30 am, I got a call informing me that in fact, my mother had an incarcerated hernia, which is life threatening, as well as an electrical something or other heart beat, which is also life threatening. By about 3:15 am, I had packed some bags and was on my way to check into the hotel near the hospital.

My mom has since had two surgeries and has a million tubes and things sticking every which way, all over her body. The poor thing has been through a tremendous amount of trauma. I’ve been by her side around the clock, with the exception of the 9 hours I slept last night (first sleep since Sunday afternoon) and the three hours I was gone this evening, to do some self care. I left at 6 pm and told my mom I’d be back at 9 pm. But at 8 pm, one of my mom’s best friends called and said she wanted to visit my mom within the hour. So I asked her to relay the message that I’d come after she had left. I wanted to use that extra hour to rest and maybe even exercise.

Then I got a call that my mom had pulled out the tubes in her mouth and nose. One of those tubes was to extract fluid from my mom’s stomach. See when they did the surgery on her intestines, they couldn’t close up her stomach, because there was too much fluid and swelling. So they had this tube stuck down her nose and into her stomach, to suck out the fluid. But it was absolutely excruciating to my mom, so when I was gone, she pulled the damn thing out.

We tried putting it back in at about 2 am tonight, but my mom was suffering so much that we aborted the procedure. Then we decided we’ll need to do energy healing to dry out her stomach. So I made like a big shining sun and radiated the sun’s energy into my mom’s belly, drying up her insides. I also promised her that when I got back to the hotel, I would ask you to help me dry up all the excess fluid and inflammation in her stomach, so that they can close up her stomach tomorrow.

My poor little mama has gotten hardly any rest over the past few days. She’s constantly being poked and prodded. She’s such a warrior woman going through so much trauma in such a short amount of time. Just a couple of weeks ago, she had three teeth pulled, and then last week, she had a cancerous growth removed from her face.

So I am asking you to send her love, hot hot hot sunshine to dry up the fluid in her stomach and/or energetic suction machines to dry it all up, along with general healing energy and overall good good good vibrations. My mom will be going into surgery tomorrow to close up her stomach, so I’d also appreciate your prayers for a safe and successful surgery.

For those who wish to do a misheberach prayer, my mom’s name is “Naomi bath Sarah.”

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