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Here you will find a unique mix of personal storytelling, investigative journalism, and political activism, all centered around the theme of living with and healing from chronic pain. Whether revealing the magical powers of dance, exposing common forms of medically negligent behavior, providing nutritional tips for natural pain relief, or getting real about the loss and grief that accompany pain, this blog is raw and uncensored — offering a cutting-edge blend of personal experience, spiritual wisdom, and punk rock attitude.

Loolwa Khazzoom, the primary blogger, has scratched, clawed, and crawled her way out of a chronic pain hell hole over the past decade plus, and while she spends most of her time dancing in the proverbial sunshine these days, she periodically falls back into the damn pit. She knows what you’re going through. A motley crew of chronic pain patients, doctors, body workers, and advocates make up the rest of the bloggers on this site — providing hot tips from the forefront of science, along with the been-there-done-that head wag you need from time to time.

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