Cancer is Not Something I Want to Fuck With

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 27th, 2011 • Cancer Can Suck ItPrint Print

Well, I gave it the old red white and blue try. I spent eight months on an uber pure diet, without cheating even once, not even in a teeny-tiny way. The diet didn’t work, time’s up, game over. If it weren’t cancer in consideration here, you know I’d keep exploring options until I found the one that worked. But it is cancer, so it’s time to try our friend Western Medicine.

I’ve had all kinds of conversations – live, on the phone, and in person – with all kinds of people about the choices of how to respond to the possibility of thyroid cancer. At the end of the day, I’m listening to the integrative medicine healthcare practitioners I know and respect, as well as to my inner circle of people I love – including myself. The consensus is this:

Thyroid cancer is easy: You cut it out, it’s gone, you get on with your life.

While there are a million people sending me passionate and, I might add, completely contradictory advice, and while I am deeply grateful for all the advice I am receiving, I need to conserve my time and energy – spending it focused on a positive outcome with surgery, instead of running around trying every possible Tom Dick and Harry cure.

We all know that holistic remedies take time to kick in. I’m not willing to risk that time on potentially complicating the situation at hand. If you’ve found a holistic cure for thyroid cancer, bravo! I applaud you and wish I had known about it sooner. I found a holistic cure for chronic and debilitating pain. I think that’s enough gold stars for now.

I am not excited about getting surgery, mind you. I have woken up with silent screams two nights in a row. But I figure, what the hell. It’s just another journey. I bless the physicians, nurses, my loved ones who will support me through it, and myself — that as a team, we will soar through this experience with flying colors.


kc July 27th, 2011

Listen to your gut and just keep looking and moving forward.
Best of luck with everything, and when it comes time for meds, consider avoiding synthetic hormones and try the bio-identical “Westhroid” (I’ve been on it 8 months and love it).

Joss July 27th, 2011

Always, always do makes sense to you. Whether it makes sense to any one else is neither here nor there.  When you honour your inner voice, healing happens.
walk in beauty.

GC July 31st, 2011


This is just a thought.

I am looking into low-dose naltrexone as a possible treatment for chronic pain. There are no comprehensive studies using LDN for chronic pain, except fibromyalgia, but there are a few studies on LDN and cancer, and LDN and thyroid issues in general. Just wanted to pass it on. Best wishes to you!

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