Chronic Pain Warriors are Taking Over the World

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 29th, 2009 • Living with Chronic PainPrint Print

Another amazing fabulous soul sister chronic pain warrior from BlogHer conference has just decided to go public with her story. Here’s another example of how we can support and nurture and strengthen each other:

Sian inspired me in many ways. Among other things, she’s a total fashion diva and wears killer boots (seriously, they would kill if I wore them) even with chronic foot pain, and she was able to participate in the BlogHer 09 confernece all day and night long, while I slept most of it off in my queen size hotel bed.

Then there’s just the fact that she’s been to hell and beyond, and she’s got scars covering most of her body; yet she’s one of the most upbeat, zestful, loving, and juicy gals I’ve ever met. Ever. Oh yeah, and she runs a killer marketing company that has sold products to the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, and she’s the mother of four. Count ‘em: Four.

During one of our conference rendezvouses, Sian shared her story with me, which was a total honor. She also shared that although a million and twelve people have asked her to tell her story publicly, she has not been able to do so.

In turn, I shared that for me, the resistance to telling my story is all the fucking judgment out there. Like it’s not bad enough we’ve been through hell. All those New Age Bullies now want to blame it on us with their Law of Attraction crap. Sian agreed that this kind of judgment and shaming was at the root of her resistance.

Journalist though I am, I then encouraged Sian to ignore all the writer friends salivating to score her scoop, and instead to start blogging about it her own damn self. After all, when we blog, we have total command of what we reveal and how. And we get to choose our own spin.

So guess what? Sian has just started blogging about her experinece. You must follow her blog, because this woman will kick you in your chronic pain ass and get you up and partying again. If she can do it, all of us can. Go Sian go!


MummyTips July 30th, 2009

thanks for the love xxx

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