Creating a Sustainable Holistic Cancer Treatment Regimen

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

December 17th, 2011 • Cancer Can Suck ItPrint Print

Over the past year plus, I have distilled the following information from my research into holistic cancer therapy:

1. We all have cancer cells in our bodies. Our bodies are wired to fight these cancer cells through our immune system, most notably, through our liver, which purifies the body by eliminating toxins.

2. If we develop “cancer” per se, then something is out of whack with our immune system – which needs a high dose injection of immune activation (the equivalent of those paddle thingamadoogees that are used to bring back to life someone whose heart rate went flat after a cardiac arrest).

3. Here are some of the things that are helpful for activating the immune system:

Pure diet:
There is conflicting research into what the optimal diet consists of, but it seems that it should have any of the following elements – organic; raw OR raw-heavy; vegan OR plant-emphasized with raw dairy and/or organic, pasture-raised meat thrown in for good measure; sweetener-free (of all sorts); gluten-free; soy-free; and no frying except with coconut oil or butter, to avoid free radicals. Also eat low-sugar fruits, like berries and kiwi, and avoid high-sugar fruits, like bananas and dates.

Juice many times a day, using fresh organic greens – spinach, kale, chard, broccoli, celery, cucumber, etc. Minimize or do not use fruits or carrots, to keep the sugar content low.

Emphasize raw, cruciferous veggies.

Take supplements tailored to the specific cancer, including but not limited to detox support packets that promote bile in the liver. Some people use coffee enemas to cleanse the liver and promote bile.

Move the body to activate the lymphatic system, which drains toxins. Jump on a trampoline, which apparently is especially good for activating the lymphatic system. Sweat in a dry sauna.

Dry brush:
Use a natural fiber brush or loopah sponge to dry-brush the skin – activating the body’s detoxification process, by eliminating dead skin cells.

Soak in Epsom salts:
Add Epsom salts to a hot bath. The salts pull toxins from the body.

Elimination of coffee:
Coffee is acidic, and the objective is to make the body as alkaline as possible, because cancer apparently can’t live in alkaline environments. So stop drinking coffee or any caffeine substances.

IV injections
This is the one thing I have not yet tried, but I have heard from various reputable sources – including people who have healed naturally from cancer – that IV infusions of Vitamin C are very helpful in fighting cancer.

It took a whole lot of research and processing to discern the useful information out there from the crap floating around. It also is super time consuming to engage all these methods on a daily basis — especially considering not only the time involved in cooking fresh nutritious meals, but also the time involved in cleaning up after oneself, three times a day. Then there’s the fact that it’s a pain in the ass to take some supplements on an empty stomach but others on a full stomach, to take up to 10 supplements a day, some a few times a day, and to drink liquids that make you want to puke. Did I mention the lethargy and moodiness – including severe depression – that came with the elimination of coffee? It’s been rough.

Then there’s all the anxiety that comes along with a massive increase in my health-related expenses (food bill alone has tripled) and a massive decrease in the amount of time I can work each day – leading to a constant struggle to meet basic living expenses. Without my drugs of choice (coffee, chocolate) as coping mechanisms, well, it’s a wicked-demanding lifestyle.

Every day I go through a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional gymnasium. And after over a year of this discipline, with eight months super-duper-never-futzing-even-once hardcore, I’m exhausted. Among other things, this lifestyle is quite alienating. I can’t go out and enjoy meals with friends, for example, because I don’t live near even one organic restaurant, never mind all my other dietary requirements. I can’t eat at friends’ homes. I can’t even drink anything, unless they have purified water and organic herbal teas.

Today I was coming down really hard on myself. I had three chocolate peanut butter cups (organic) and drank a bottle of sparkling apple cider (also organic). In my world, that’s the equivalent of downing a box of donuts, eating five slices of pizza, and drinking a liter of soda. I was feeling like a complete miserable failure, because while I have been doing some things consistently and other things inconsistently, I can’t seem to do all of it all the time these days.

That’s when I decided to ease up on myself. Instead of fresh veggies all the time, which involve washing, chopping, and cleaning up, I’m going to let myself buy frozen veggies, pre-washed, pre-packaged salad greens, and – gasp! – canned beans. All organic and otherwise “up to code,” of course. I might also let myself juice eight glasses in the morning, and store the juice in a glass container during the day, so that I can cut down on the amount of times I’m washing veggies and cleaning up the damn juicer.

Anyhow, that’s where I’m at right now. I’m recommitting to my lifestyle, patting myself on the back for the gargantuan changes I’ve made over the past year (the hardest by far being eliminating coffee, after 15 years of drinking it every single day), and doing what I can. Because it’s better to do it 80% consistently than to burn out on 100% and give up altogether.

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