Dance may provide not only natural pain relief but also a cure for paralysis

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

May 23rd, 2010 • Dance for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

I have now met four people who have danced their way out of a wheelchair and onto their feet. Two of them have used dance not only for natural pain relief but also as a cure for paralysis. I recently cyber-met one of these people, Anna Tostrup Worsley from Sweden, and she authorized me to share some of her email to me. Anna is going to be in Austin, TX in about a month, and I’m hoping to get my ass out there to meet up with her.

Anna’s story:

“I was only partly paralyzed in my left leg after breaking my back, but completely broken down by three botched operations and years of daily pain. When I was so weak that I was in the hospital, unable to get from the bed to the bathroom and back because my heart was so weak, I had a near-death experience.

“That’s when I started seeing the energy inside my body and understanding how I could flow with it to let it move my body from within. Pursuing that direction, I could get out of bed, moving very slowly and rythmically. I then started using the rythm to begin dancing from within. When the doctors saw me dancing, and I told them that I thought I could heal myself, they called the psychiatrists and had me committed!

“You can only imagine what it was like being locked up in a psychiatric ward after having just had the most amazing spiritual experience of my life. I snapped shut like an oyster. I managed to get out two days later, then commenced to heal myself the way I had understood I could do.

“Eighteen months later, I completed a pilgrimage to Santiago de Copostella – walking 800 km, after being severely handicapped and mostly horizontal for seven years before that. This was in 2006. I am now healthy and happy and mostly pain-free, without any medication or treatment whatsoever.

“My story is being published by an academic publishing house in Norway this fall and is rumoured to cause a big discussion of the current health paradigm in our country.”

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