Dance in Your Bed! The Dancing with Pain® “Breakfast Mix”

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 2nd, 2010 • Dance for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

That’s right, you can dance in your bed. The core essence of the Dancing with Pain® method is that we dance from the parts of our body that are cooperating with us at any given moment, and we dance from whatever level feels most comfortable — lying down, sitting, or standing. 

Our happy body parts then encourage the rest of our body to get into the groove. Even the pain gremlins get so excited that they stop kicking our ass and start shaking their booty.

Which is why I’m deliriously excited about the Dancing with Pain® partnership with Six Degrees Records. Togehter, we are creating a downloadable audio class series, which will be released on occasion of the formal company launch in mid-July. The Breakfast Mix offers 30 min of inspirational music to hoist you out of your pain pit and into a altered state of consciousness — where you can tap into the extraordinary healing power of your mind and body. From the comfort of your own damn bed!

This class is ideal for people whose pain levels suck so bad that they can’t make it out of the house to get some help. Help is on the way. And it’s super cheap, ideal for people whose chronic pain has sucked their financial resources dry. (Believe me, I know this one intimately.) Not only is the class just $2.99, but if you pre-order now, you can get it for a 15% discount.

Check out Dancing with Pain®’s brand spankin’ new natural pain relief store for the Breakfast Mix and a diverse selection of downloadable audio classes, teleconferences, in-person workshops, and apparrel with some chronic pain attitude. As always, I send you blessings for light, love, and HEALING.

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