Dancing with Pain® Method: Four Steps to the Dance Sequence

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 29th, 2009 • Dance for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

In this video, I lay out the four steps to the dance sequence of the Dancing with Pain® method:

  1. Inventory: How does your body feel? Scan it from the inside. Where do you feel comfort and ease? Where do you feel pain? What emotions are floating around in there? This is the time to begin noticing your breath and bringing awareness to your inner landscape. Take note of your pain-free zones (where it’s safe for you to dance) and your pain zones (where it’s unsafe for you to dance).
  2. Movement: Here is where you begin to let the music permeate through your body and influence the internal vibrations and flow of energy. Become receptive to the music and let it begin to fill you up in the space of your pain-free zone.
  3. Transcendence: Allow the music to become your body. Ride with it as it expands your pain-free, comfortable, safe movement zones. Do not, however, ride the music out of your body or past your limitations. You must be extremely well-grounded and aware in this segment. Always move safely, without risking entering a pain zone. Always, always, err on the side of caution, especially in the beginning. It is better to expand your dance in your imagination than to risk pushing your body outside your safety zone, as you learn your body’s possibilities and limitations in each dance segment.
  4. Relaxation: Absorb the transformative journey through which your body has just gone. Become aware of the micro-shifts in your body: Where has movement become easier? Where have you relaxed into your body? How have your emotions shifted? How has your breath changed?

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