Dancing with Pain® Pacific Northwest Fall Tour

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

September 10th, 2009 • Dance for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

I’m in the preliminary stages of planning a Dancing with Pain® Pacific Northwest Fall tour for the second week of November. There is a possibility I will move to the Pacific Northwest in a few months, so I’m scouting out some good places to live. I’m looking for areas with strong alternative health and integrated medicine movements, strong alternative arts & culture scenes, and close proximity to nature and easy-access hiking and biking routes. Oh yeah, and I have to be near a big body of water, whether an ocean or large river or lake. 

If you have info about the these scenes in the locations I’ve preliminarily selected, please let me know. Similarly, if you have thoughts about additional areas that might work for me, please do tell. Lastly, if you know venues that might be interested in hosting Dancing with Pain® programs, while I’m in the area, please pass on the 411.

So far, stops along the way tentatively will include the following:





British Columbia:



Christina September 13th, 2009

if you are thinking about Vancouver and are able to move to Canada, give Victoria a thought – i moved here for university 14 years ago and haven’t ever considered leaving! It meets all your requirements and is a great place to live. I also have a lot of friends in Portland  and it seems great.
if you have any questions, get in touch…

Jess White September 14th, 2009

Hi Loolwa,
I am a massage therapist in Olympia, WA.  I just read your article in Massage and Bodywork Magazine.  It was inspiring and awesome to read a grounded and well-thought-out discussion of energy medicine from the point of view of the client.  I am excited to find this discussion getting wider and more realistic.  I especially appreciated the constructive criticism of using the New Age belief of creating reality to blame the client.  I think it is really important to approach healing work with humility and awe.  It is easy to let the ego drive for power take over and blind oneself.
I am visiting your website to see what else was going on, and here I find this post about the Pacific Northwest!  I have lived in Washington and Oregon for most of my life.  My recommendation is Portland, Olympia, or Seattle.  They fulfill all of your requirements.  Although, I don’t know where you are moving from, but if you are used to city life, Olympia is pretty small.  Ashland and Eugene are not near large bodies of water, and Vancouver is colder, but very awesome.
There are a couple of dance studios here in Olympia that would probably be interested in hosting your workshops.  There is a strong 5Rhythms community here, and many body workers of all types.  The two studios to start with are:
Fusion: The Integrated Body   302 Columbia St. NW Olympia WA 98501 360-596-9696
Wild Grace Arts Yoga and Dance  507 Cherry St SE Olympia WA 98501 360-754-3983
I am interested in taking a couple of your workshops, and I know many people who would likely be as well.  Fusion and Wild Grace are both well-respected studios and can draw attendants.
Good luck with your tour and scouting mission.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Hopefully I will see you in Olympia in November!
Jess White, LMP Heron’s Heart Bodywork

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