Dancing with Pain® Class Series in Venice, CA, on Sundays in January 2010!

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

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Announcing a “Dance Your Pain Away!” movement class in Venice, CA on Sundays January 17, 24, and 31. In this one-hour Dancing with Pain® movement workshop, you will learn how to embody physical dance to dialogue with and soften your pain; distill and channel the raw energy of your pain — “recycling” it to heal itself; and utilize spiritual dance to transform fear, anger, and frustration from your pain.

How do I register?
Join the Southern California Dancing with Pain® group on meetup.com, then sign up for the event. If you have any trouble, contact Dancing with Pain® HQ.

What should I expect?
We will begin by sitting in a circle and getting to know each other, briefly sharing our individual experiences of chronic pain — including what we’re hoping to get out of the class.  Dancing with Pain® founder Loolwa Khazzoom then will tailor the hour-long dance session, taking into consideration the specific needs shared by each participant.

Who can participate?
This class is for people of all levels of ability and disability. The space is handicapped-accessible, and we don’t have to worry about streaking the studio floors; so you can wear dance sneakers or dance in your wheelchair. Even — or especially — if you think you can’t move because of pain, this class is for you!

What should I wear and bring?
Wear comfortable clothing, in which you can move easily, and wear layers, in case you get hot or cold during the class. If dancing barefoot on a hard floor might cause pain or discomfort, bring shoes in which you can dance. Dancing sneakers (as opposed to dance slippers) are recommended over regular sneakers, because dance shoes will enable you to move more easily, without stressing your feet or legs.

During this class, you can dance while sitting or lying down, responding to your body’s particular needs. The studio does not provide mats or pillows, so bring as many soft, cushy items as you’ll need to relax and move comfortably on a hard surface. Chairs will be provided, but again, you might want to bring a cushion, to make the chair surface more comfortable. You might also want to bring blankets, to cover yourself while dancing lying down.

Where can I find out more information about Dancing with Pain® method?
Check out the Dance for Natural Pain Relief category, where you can find out more about the mind-body medicine approach behind this method. Be sure to look at the media page, as well, for the back story and information about the science behind the method. If you need more information, please contact the Dancing with Pain® HQ .

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