My Favorite Hour-Long Dancing with Pain® Session Playlist

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

September 14th, 2009 • Dance for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

Here’s my currently favorite hour-long Dancing with Pain® session playlist . As always, I start off the session with meditative music, gradually raise the energy, then gradually lower it again until I am back in the meditative state.

If you use this for your own living room dance, keep in mind that just becuase something gets energetic does not mean you have to suddenly leap around. You can just absorb healing vibrations more intensely than before. Or you can feel your healing powers heat up inside more vibrantly. Or you can bounce off the walls in your imagination but not in your physical state.

The basic principle of Dancing with Pain®, which must never be forgotten, is this: Always stay within your pain-free comfort zone. This process is about remembering the joy and freedom of movement. Our pain zones can melt away on their own, through simply expanding our happy zones — even if initially just in our minds. We never neeed to, nor should we ever, push ourselves past the threshold of pain, in the interest of accomlishing some outer measure of movement. Chances are that doing so will only backfire.

So love your body where it is today, and be gentle on yourself and your healing journey. You are the flower slowly unfolding as it blossoms. Never pry at the petals, in an attempt to rush the organic process of opening to the sunshine.

  1. Cedar Breeze – R. Carlos Nakai
  2. The Dawn – Anuna
  3. Eppur Si Muove – Enigma
  4. The Link – Tulku
  5. Arroussa ou arise – Chemssy
  6. The Way She Moves – Zion
  7. Galvanize (album version ) – The Chemical Brothers
  8. Leysh Nat’arak (2005 dub mix) – Natacha Atlas
  9. Ri Na Cruinne (remastered 2003) – Clannad
  10. From Year to Year – Yehudit Ravitz
  11. Thoughts and Dreams – Jennifer Haines
  12. Awed by the Beauty – Mt. Sinai

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