Drug-Free Remedies for Chronic Pain: My Cover Story in AARP Magazine

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 28th, 2008 • Featured Posts, Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

I’m tickled pink to announce my natural pain relief article in AARP magazine. For the story, I interviewed fabulous health care practitioners and chronic pain patients, including James Dillard, Paula Kamen, Martin Rossman, David Simon, Steven Stanos, and Cynthia Toussaint. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Bob Butts December 6th, 2008

RSD and most severe pain are crimes against humanity because most are very easy to cure. View the TV news specials on our work at watercure2.org.
Unfortunately, there is no interest in free solutions to high profit problems.
View the TV news specials on our work at watercure2.org.
We accept no compensation or sell anything. Pass this on to people you care about.


CYoungRN December 10th, 2008

Thank you- you have given this nurse new inspiration at a time when critical thinking was low.I’m very interested in treating sleep deprivation disorders and hence therefore pain enters the picture. I am writing my concerns as part of an application for career advancement. Much of my time is spent satisfying my patient, whether that is rubbing their feet with oil, massaging the temples,reading the newspaper,or calling their doctor. Hopefully your suggested use of imagery will make for less phone calls and more relaxation,real sleep and better healing.

debby December 29th, 2008

I was very intrigued with your article in AARP. I have lived with chronic pain for about 20 years. No edication seems to help anymore. I would like to try some of the techniques you described. I have used guided imagery for relaxation but never specifically for my pain. Maybe you talk about this elsewhere but could you talk ore about what Feldenkrais is? I plan on talking to my physician and therapist about soe of these ideas. They could prove very beneficial to e. I have hope again.

Bonnie August 11th, 2011

I spent much of my life struggling to cope with chronic pain. I rejected the only two solutions most doctors offered me–surgery and powerful pain killers–but tried nearly every other therapy, traditional and alternative, from chiropractic to hypnosis. I spent a  fortune on care that was only partially effective, and only for a short time. Nothing worked fully, and permanently.
By age 59, I was almost totally disabled and had been assured by several top-shelf specialists that even with surgery I’d soon be confined to a wheelchair. They gave me no hope whatsoever of a life worth living.
Whether by luck or chance or a pure miracle, I found Professor /Dr. Brian A. Rothbart through his book, Forever Free From Chronic Pain–see it at his site at http://curingchronicpain.com
Professor /Dr. Rothbart was the only doctor to correctly identify that the actual source of  my chronic pain was a previously undiagnosed abnormal foot structure. When I was treated with the therapy he developed, which uses NO DRUGS OR SURGERY, my crippling joint and muscle pain stopped. I’m back to work. I’ve even started doing tai chi. A wheelchair is not in my future!
Professor /Dr. Rothbart offers 2 free reports for chronic pain patients at his web site. I encourage anyone that has suffered from long-term chronic pain and seeks a cure–not pain management, but pain CURE–to read these two reports. I wish every doctor out there that tells chronic pain patients to either have surgery or “learn to live with it” would read them as well.

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