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By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

February 5th, 2008 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

A couple of years ago, I discovered that I could “recycle” pain to heal itself:

In a mental adaptation of the assembly-line model, I harnessed the raw energy of my pain, transformed it into healing energy, then sent that healing energy back into the pain source.

Within seconds, the pain melted away — leaving me feeling empowered, elated, and in awe.

To my frustration, however, my ability to do a repeat performance was highly erratic. Sometimes I would do my little abracadabra and make the pain vanish immediately: Poof!

Other times, I would focus and concentrate, then concentrate and focus, only to be left sprawled on my couch like a drunken sailor, belting out an off-key rendition of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.”

An experience today possibly cleared up the mystery of my on-again, off-again superpowers:

As I lay on the table for my third treatment session, my new physical therapist, Karen, gently held my right foot and gave it healing energy. (She’s not your standard physical therapist, I tell ya.)

An old ankle injury had been restimulated yesterday, and I was suffering from a deep, dull pain that made it difficult to walk.

The warm energy radiating from Karen’s hand offered tremendous relief, so I thought about actively drawing on her energy and channeling it throughout my body, to help heal my ankle and other areas suffering from pain and discomfort.

My internal energy resources are constantly depleted by fighting pain 24/7, so I definitely could have used the boost. I wondered, however, about the impact my action might have on Karen, so I asked what she thought of the idea.

Karen revealed that she can feel when clients draw from her energy, and that it can cross her boundaries (though she practices techniques that keep her grounded and protected).

She suggested that instead of actively channeling, I pay attention to where the healing energy was moving naturally, and where it was getting blocked.

So I closed my eyes and tuned into the energy, following it…to just an inch above the ankle??? I couldn’t believe how little it was able to move before getting stuck!

“Is that why I feel pain?” I asked Karen. “Is it because energy is stuck in there?” “Yes,” she answered. I closed my eyes again and tried to move the energy out of my foot but wasn’t all that successful.

Within minutes, the warmth of Karen’s hand began to burn and cause pain in my ankle. I told her my ankle needed a break and asked her to work on my lower back.

Again, her touch started off warm and soothing, then started to cause pain.

Over the years, I’d learned that it was imperative to tell someone to stop touching me in a given area as soon as I began feeling pain there. Otherwise, I’d pay the price with pain the rest of the day, and sometimes, the rest of the week.

With my newfound information, however, I decided to experiment: Rather than asking Karen to move her hand from my low back, I internally visited the edges of the pain, accessed them as energy, and initiated their movement away from the spot that Karen was holding.

Immediately, the pain began to melt away.

Moments later, the dominant sensation was that of Karen’s energy, accompanied by pain. Once more, I initiated movement of the pain energy and felt the sensation dissipate…until Karen’s energy grew to feel more intense, and I was in pain again.

Without my saying anything, Karen moved her hand and hovered it over the front-body equivalent of where she had been working on my lower back. Immediately, I was able to move the energy in my lower back — in a powerful gush.


I may now understand why the best practitioners for me were the ones who worked on a subtle level, barely touching me at all:

Perhaps there is a ton of energy trapped in certain parts of my body. This entrapment prevents energy from flowing freely throughout my body, which leaves me feeling depleted all the time.

As a result, I need the boost of other people’s energy to get mine going, but I can’t have more than a gentle flow coming in, or the pool of energy trapped in certain places (which translates into pain) becomes overwhelming.

Perhaps that’s also why some of the best treatments I’ve had have been those where the practitioner has pulled energy away from my body.

At any rate, when Karen left, I decided to stay and experiment with this pain-equals-trapped-energy thing.

I got into a meditative state and “went into” my ankle. I saw, felt, and tasted the pain, invited it to manifest as healing energy, then moved that healing energy out of my foot, across my leg, and throughout my body.

It was very challenging at first: The pain felt deep, and having had a long and sordid history with it, I was afraid of not being able to overcome it. As a result, I found myself wavering in and out of…

I kept at it, though, and within half an hour, I had melted away all but a faint residue of the pain.

I am so freakin’ excited, I can’t even begin to tell you. This week I’m going to apply the technique to my lower back, which was electrocuted by an MRI a year and a half ago. There must a ton of energy — literally — trapped in there.

I’ll let you know how goes.

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