Herbal Remedies for Natural Pain Relief

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 29th, 2009 • Nutrition for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

Sound the trumpets: I’m in setback mode! I have barely left the house in one week. First time, I drove to a restaurant and hobbled my way in and out. Second time, I drove to meet a friend. I had electric shots of nerve pain every time I pressed the accelerator.

herbsI turned around without even meeting my friend, and I was pretty anxious about making it back home safely; because my body was out of whack and behaving unpredictably. As my Central and Eastern European Jewish counterparts would say: OY.

Sometimes my body just needs to rest, lay low, not engage in movement. During these times, the “dance” with my pain takes on a more metaphoric quality. For the past two days, I have turned to energy healing, icing, heating, and loading up on herbal remedies.

Regarding the latter, here’s what I am now taking:

  1. Zyflamend — basically buttloads of anti-inflammatory tumeric in a capsule
  2. MSM — sulfur compound naturally found in our bodies, less so in the bodies of people with wicked pain
  3. Omega 3 fish oil — another anti-inflammatory compound
  4. Kaprex — purportedly a natural version of Cox inhibitors (like the beloved Vioxx pharmaceutical, RIP)
  5. Willow Meadowsweet — a blend of natural herbs that purportedly work on anesthetizing nerve pain. I’m using it for the first time. The key ingredient here is Jamaican Dogwood.
  6. Traumeel — an ointment that works like Arnica or Tiger Balm. Arnica doesn’t do shit for me, and Tiger Balm is a bad idea for the more, shall we say, genteel parts of the body. I do, however, feel a difference with Traumeel.

Honestly, I don’t know which remedy is responsible for what particular change, but I kinda don’t care. Like, at all. Becuase my pain levels have gone down significantly. Three days ago, moving felt like engaging an electric circus performance in my body. Over the past two days, however, I have not had the crazy nerve pain, and the pain in my thigh/groin region has gone down significantly.


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