Holistic Healing and Natural Pain Relief

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

June 22nd, 2009 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

Here are some of my thoughts on holistic healing and its connection to natural pain relief:

Every element of our life factors into our ability to heal.
These elements include but are not limited to the following:

  1. comfort and support of the shoes we wear
  2. nutritional value of the food we eat
  3. energy of the people we spend time with
  4. sense of self-worth we feel
  5. quality of touch from our body workers
  6. noise level in our neighborhood
  7. number of chronic pain conditions we have and the ways they interact with each other
  8. extent of our belonging in and support by community
  9. way we feel about our work

The more that every element of our life is healthy and in harmony, the more we are fed wellness from every direction, into every pore and fiber of our being.

Just because emotional healing helps advance our physical well-being does not mean that our physical pain was caused by an emotional state.

People seem to love platitudes, which keep things seeming tidy and self-contained.  But life is messy and involved, spilling over the sides of the lines we draw. 

Pain may have been caused by a purely physical factor, and the pain may be purely physical as well.  The more spiritual and emotional strength we have, however; the more healthy love and support we have from other people; the more we overall enjoy our lives, the more ammo we have for turning that physical pain around.

We need the support of those around us.
When our physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual resources are depleted, we need an infusion of other people’s energy, so that we can keep on keeping on:

  1. someone calling to check in on us
  2. someone advocating for us
  3. someone offering nurturing touch
  4. someone validating our experience
  5. someone lending us money
  6. someone laughing at our joke
  7. someone doing their own healing alongside ours

Love and integrity heal.
When healthcare practitioners genuinely care about our condition and do what they can to help us; when those practitioners who have hurt us take accountability for their actions; when our families and friends make us feel safe and nourished…our internal resources operate at peak efficiency for healing. 

To the contrary, when healthcare practitioners use their power to get in our way of healing; when those practitioners deny the impact of their negligent behavior; and when friends and family infuse our lives with chaos and distress, our resources are depleted by feelings of powerlessness, betrayal, confusion, fear, depression, and so on, making it that much more difficult to heal.

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