I Had a Lovely Social and Athletic Day Today!

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 14th, 2009 • The Humpty Dumpty ChallengePrint Print

(Rockin Day!)

(Rockin Day!)

I had a lovely social and athletic day today! I biked over to a cafe specializing in rare coffees, for a coffee and tea meetup group. The people were totally awesome — interesting, dynamic, and thoughtful on a lot of different topics. One of the people was an artist with great energy — radiating light. We ended up talking for about an hour after the meetup ended.

I then biked to the beach — unexpected, unplanned! I didn’t have my bike computer (left it at home), so I have no idea how far I biked or how fast, but I also don’t care; becuase it was Shabbath, so it was all about the chill vibe. I enjoyed the beach immensely. There were not a lot of bikers on the path, but there was a great relaxed vibe on the beach — with people playing volleyball and strolling about.

(Birdies on the Beach!)

(Birdies on the Beach!)

The light danced on the water, and I felt as if I were in Israel. I felt really relaxed. I felt my personality my authentic self – present inside me, re-emerging. That felt terrific.

I biked at a moderate pace and felt physically at ease. My right thigh/groin area did “talk” to me, but I practiced turning the energy from the biking action into healing energy to send to that area of my body; and I also played with where I put my weight. I’ve discovered through my work with Nina that when I just shift my weight, I can have an entirely different experience and immediately get rid of pain.

After my chill ride home (about 10 miles – more or less the same route as last time), I was all warmed up and ready to dance. I danced with high energy for over an hour. I couldn’t stop! I danced almost a full album of Cheb i Sabbah — a global electronica DJ. Gd bless my downstairs neighbor, who is tolerant of my pounding feet and thumping beat. I also rediscovered Israeli hip hop group Hadag Nahash, which I found out is on Napster! Score!

Then I ate lunch at, like, 5 pm. And now, at nearly 7 pm, I’m exhausted. I’m thinking of heading to sleep. It’s ridiculous! I’ve gone from a 2-3 am bedtime to a midnight bedtime (I can’t keep my eyes open past that time anymore), to — what? — a 7 pm bedtime? Then again, it’s this yummy feeling of being tired, not the icky tired. It’s the tired of a day of being full of life in mind, body, and spirit. So yeah, maybe I’ll hit the sack now. 

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