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By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

August 21st, 2009 • Chronic Pain LiteraturePrint Print

Loolwa Khazzoom, an accomplished journalist, is looking for an intern for her mind-body media company, Dancing with Pain®. Loolwa writes for Self, The Washington Post, Yoga Journal, CNN, Seventeen, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, BBC News, Massage, The Boston Globe, CosmoGIRL, and numerous other leading media outlets; her company blog has been featured in the New York Times; and she has published two books.

Through articles, interviews, classes, and workshops, Loolwa’s company, Dancing with Pain®, promotes holistic methods for chronic pain relief. As an intern at the company, you will receive personal attention and hands-on guidance on the ins & outs of the integrated medicine media world. Your responsibilities will include any of the following, depending on your skill level at any given time:

  1. Research story ideas and scientific studies related to complementary and alternative medicine.
  2. Develop relationships with leading integrated medicine specialists.
  3. Interview these specialists and/or write blog posts from the content of these interviews.
  4. Develop relationships with bloggers and patient advocates addressing chronic pain and other forms of chronic illness.
  5. Edit guest posts by these bloggers and advocates.
  6. Promote Dancing with Pain® through social media outlets.
  7. Increase Search Engine Optimization of Dancing with Pain® blog.
  8. Promote Dancing with Pain® classes, workshops, and blog to integrated medicine facilities, pain clinics, dance studios, and community centers.
  9. Assist in producing podcasts and videos of Dancing with Pain® classes and workshops.
  10. Develop relationships with radio, television, and internet media outlets, promoting interviews about and programs on Dancing with Pain®
  11. Do administrative work – database entry, scanning, filing, phone calls, errands, etc

Applicants must be in Southern California. For more information, contact Dancing with Pain.


Linda D August 24th, 2009

I’m reading various posts on your blog and would like to mention an excellent website, http://www.emofree.com   which introduces EFT (emotional freedom technique).  EFT is basically accupuncture without needles.  It is “tapping” on the body’s energy meridians and is used to release emotional blockages in the energy pathways.  The saying is to “try it on everything” from fear of flying to migraines to ”frozen” joints to overeating, etc.  Really cool and no bad side effects! And the manual is FREE.

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