More Courage than Cancer

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

September 9th, 2011 • Cancer Can Suck ItPrint Print

I pay $700 a month for health insurance. But that health insurance doesn’t cover organic food; supplements; massage therapy; acupuncture; natural bath, body, and household cleaning products; parasite detection and treatment; music therapy; intensive detox programs; or any other host of complementary and alternative methods for healing cancer – a number of which seem to be statistically more effective than conventional treatments, in the case of certain cancers.

In other words, unless you want to be “cut, poisoned, and burned” by conventional methods (as I recently heard it put), you’re on your own.

Add to that reality the fact that when we’re dealing with a chronic health condition, we need to work limited hours or stop working altogether. And yet, if we choose the complementary and alternative healing route, our healthcare costs — all out of pocket — skyrocket at the very moment that we have the least amount of financial resources available.

I recently met a woman who healed naturally from breast cancer. Her doctors had advised a double mastectomy. She said “no way” and found a Mexican clinic that offered alternative cancer treatment. She is now cancer-free and the proud owner of her own damn boobs. It’s a phenomenal story of hope and inspiration. And yet, it came with a price tag of $6,000 per WEEK at the clinic. How many people have that kind of money to invest in their healthcare?

This whole damn setup makes me see red. You can be the most gung-ho, I’ll-do-anything-it-takes type, willing and ready to promptly and radically alter your entire life, and yet be denied access to effective holistic health treatments — simply because that “privilege” is reserved for the wealthy, or at least those with the resources to go into debt, if you know what I mean.

This shit has got to change.

I want to have a fighting chance to heal naturally from this thyroid cancer. Not only do I have cancer, gumption, and an excellent track record for self-healing; but I also have ass-kicking media skills. Put it all together, and when Gd willing I self-heal from cancer, I will be a poster child for holistic methods of cancer treatment.

The thing is, I can’t do it alone. So I just applied for a Kickstarter project, which I’m calling, “More Courage than Cancer,” and I’m praying I get it. Here is the project description:

Can we naturally heal from cancer, without invasive procedures? I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and offer my body as a laboratory, to find out. I will dedicate 3 months to researching, personally implementing, and writing about the best alternative remedies for cancer – organic diet, acupuncture, energy healing, music therapy, etc. I will write about my daily regimen, from original recipes to lifestyle habits, and record my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation as I progress. I also will find and interview people who have holistically treated and healed from cancer, documenting their stories and insights. At the end of this 3 month journey, I will publish a book, “More Courage than Cancer” and do a national speaking tour.

I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

**9/12 update: Kickstarter rejected my project (without saying why). I’m forging ahead anyhow, looking for sponsors. I might, however, decide make the book and speaking “tour” internet-based, to keep expenses down. Stay tuned!


Stephanie Chandler September 9th, 2011

Love this plan of action! Keep us posted on Kickstarter. I have no doubt you’re going to make this all happen and kick some cancer ass!

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