My Blog and the Holistic Approach to Natural Pain Relief

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 2nd, 2009 • Chronic Pain LiteraturePrint Print

As I have progressed in my journey managing and healing from chronic pain, I have come to understand that natural pain relief is a path, a practice, a conscious lifestyle. It is a deep holistic approach to healing the sum total of our lives — our minds, bodies, spirits, and hearts.

It requires giving attention to and transforming the dynamics of our family relationships, social behaviors, eating habits, sexual beliefs, physical activity, sleep patterns, and every other aspect of our lives. It calls for healthy love and supportive community, which comfort our bodies and nourish our souls.

It necessitates an inner dive so deep that we are willing to risk everything and everyone, in pursuit of manifesting our most evolved, honest, authentic, and greatest selves. And so it directs us to some combination of storytelling and activism – a willingness to unleash, speak our truths, and inherently challenge everything from the medical system to gender constructs to family secrets.

Things that seem obscure or esoteric in relationship to chronic pain actually prove to be essential components of healing it. The energetic is physical, the personal is political, and everything ultimately proves to be inextricably intertwined with our experience of pain.

And so I have surprisingly come full circle, to where I was in my twenties – where my personal mottos included, “There is no limit” and, “Our bodies are the physical manifestations of our souls.” I embraced possibility, refusing to be defined or constricted by the limited thinking of others.

I danced, sang, and howled with rage in the streets, smashed bottles in my backyard, and spoke my mind, even in the most uncomfortable situations. I demanded full access to life and refused to hide my emotions behind the closed doors of my house or soul.

This approach to life all went underground, when I got entrenched in chronic pain. How could I kick and punch kick bags or even pillows, when I’d end up unable to walk or use my hands, because of the pain those movements caused?

How could I yell from my gut – releasing the sound to the winds – when my vocal chords were compromised by a major dental botch, leading me to have laryngitis at the drop of a hat? How could I go for walks alone in the middle of the night, when I could no longer risk the possibility of having to physically fight off an assault?

I worked my edge for years. And years. And years. It has now been well over a decade of struggling and seeking. I have developed new ways of being fully engaged in life, and through my healing, I am now re-accessing ways I used to be engaged. I have a lot of wisdom, insight, and stories to share from this path. I also have a lot more exploring to do on it. That’s where this blog comes in:

At its core, this blog is a forum for my own transformation — taking on every aspect of my life, breathing healing into it, and releasing the experience and words into the universe, where they can move forward and work their magic. Some of my posts may seem obscure when it comes to natural pain relief, but if you follow closely enough and long enough, you’ll begin to connect the dots and see how it all comes together at the end of the day.

Some of these posts may seem directly relevant to and helpful with your experience. Others may seem completely off topic or downright annoying. As they say, take what works for you, and leave the rest behind. On that note, if you have something positive to say, feel free to write a comment. If you have something negative to say, kindly spend your precious time on another site instead of getting your panties up in a bunch about mine.

I do post constructive comments on my site, and I hope they promote dialogue between readers. I generally cannot afford taking the time to respond to individual comments, given the time and energy I need for my own living and healing. I do respond en masse, however, by posting an article on a particular topic about which several readers have emailed me.

Thank you for your interest in my blog. I hope you find in my words inspiration, validation, comfort, and hope.

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