Re-Acvitating an Injury: My Exercise Log, April 13-19

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

April 21st, 2008 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

This week was tough in the exercise department. For starters, I was in the throes of Passover preparation madness. (For those of you who have never been around a religious Jew during this time, think Spring cleaning meets Xmas prep.)

But perhaps more significantly, I was thrown off by the fact that all of my vigorous dancing last week ended up reactivating an injury in the muscle between my thigh and groin (bitch of an injury – affects all lower body movement).

Since dancing characteristically has healed my injuries, I was left thrown on my metaphoric ass, stunned into temporary fear of dancing. Ultimately, I came to realize that I simply had to scale back my dancing, to meet the physical aptitude of my body while it recuperated.

Meanwhile, however, during the last two or three miles of a bike ride last week, the injury acted up again, and I biked home at a snail’s pace, the pain growing with every petal push. To make matters worse, over the next few days a few other injuries started acting up as well, jacking up my pain levels and slowing me way the fuck down.

That in turn left me feeling frustrated and depressed.

The resulting lack of exercise left me feeling a bit panicked, so yesterday I went to a yoga class (for the first time in, like, years), walked a mile and a half around a running track (even jogged for a bit), then topped it all off with an afternoon at the gym, lifting weights.

To be fair to myself, my objective was to lessen the pain. My experience consistently has been that movement is the best thing I can do to feel better. The thing is, I need to approach movement slowly and gently when my pain levels are up.

When I’ve been going strong for an extended period, though, it’s hard to recognize and gracefully adapt to a setback. I can end up pushing through or giving up, when I simply need to be hunkering down for a bit, waiting for the storm to pass.

Sigh. It’s so hard to find the right balance of acceptance, determination, surrender, and perseverance.




Walk 1.8 miles (on cement!)


Bike 6.8 miles


Bike 9.6 miles






Dance 20 minutes

Total walking: 1.8 miles

Total biking: 16.4 miles

Total dancing: 20 minutes

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