Still Concerned about Reactivating an Injury: My Exercise Log April 20-26

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

April 30th, 2008 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

This past week, I was still concerned about reactivating an injury, so I stayed off the bike and didn’t go to dance classes (where I can overdo it without realizing, in the moment, that’s what’s happening).

Meanwhile, I’ve decided that I have to make a commitment to myself to practice the Dancing with Pain® method every day at home. My goal is to do it in the morning, along with some meditation and Feldenkrais moves.

On that note, I’m still trying to get myself to bed early and wake up early. I was relatively successful at that before Passover, but that whole Hebrew/Judeo Arabic double reading of the haggadah got me back into 2:30 a.m. bedtime schedule. (Holla if you know what I’m talking about!)

Today I have taken the next step in clearing out the furniture in the room I want to turn into my dance studio. I think a part of why I haven’t been dancing at home is because my living room has a tiny square of space where I can dance. It’s no fun when I have to consciously avoid banging into the table or couch.

Anyhow, I’ve added another element in my exercise log below — making note of when I’ve done my physical therapy routines. I’ve been a bit of a slacker on that recently and want to whip myself into shape. Nothing better for that than some public accountability!


Yoga 90 minute class

Walk 1.4 miles on jogging track (some running & skipping)

Weight machines and free weights at gym


Walk 1 mile on the beach

Dancing with Pain® 10 minutes

Hand physical therapy routine


Dancing with Pain® 20 minutes

Hand physical therapy routine

Hand therapy bodywork session 1 hour


Walk 3/4 mile (cement)

Elliptical trainer 20 minutes

Weight machines and free weights at gym


Hand physical therapy routine


Walk 1.2 miles (cement)

Elliptical trainer 30 minutes

Weight machines and free weights at gym


Hand physical therapy routine

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