Natural Pain Relief Begins with Your Life

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 4th, 2011 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

Is your life exacerbating your pain? Many of us bounce from doctor to doctor and test to test, looking for the cause of our pain. While pain can be rooted in many different sources, it also can be exacerbated or relieved from many different sources that seemingly have nothing to do with the pain – relationships, living space, work environment, dietary habits, and so on. For this reason, natural pain relief begins with your life.

In other words, does your life support a pain-free reality? Are you constantly eating junk food that jacks up your inflammation, or to the contrary, are you eating tons of green leafy vegetables, which reduce your inflammation and promotes the overall health of your immune system?

Are you a couch potato, sedentary slave to your pain, thereby compromising your body’s production of pain-busting chemicals, or are you doing as much activity as you can (ie, without exacerbating your pain), thereby improving your circulation and the production of endorphins in your body?

Natural pain relief doesn’t just mean reaching for supplements instead of pharmaceuticals. It means taking an honest look at your life and figuring out what is promoting a healthy, happy body, and what is working against it. This week, take 10 minutes to reflect on your life. Write down two things that work well and two that need improvement. Then write down one step you can take in the next week, to tend to the part of your life that needs a little booster shot.

Remember: You have the power to impact your body and influence your health. And despite pain, you can do little tiny things that make a difference – one painless baby step at a time.

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