Ocean Spoke to Me

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

September 12th, 2016 • Travel Dance HealPrint Print

Reflections on the most extraordinary swimming experience I’d ever had in my life and one of the most profound experiences I’d ever had, period. During my Kauai journey, I discovered that I need the ocean, music, nature, and dance, as the pillars of my Healing and my Life, which are and need to be one and the same. And here in this experience, I was with all of them, all at once. I swam in the rhythm of the drums. I danced in the water. I hooped and hollered and ululated and jumped and down and twirled around made waves and splashed. It was magnificent.

It was my second to last day on Kauai. In the morning, I texted someone about getting together and drumming. I told her I was heading to Anini Beach that day and asked if she’d like to join. She told me that at 6 pm that day, there would be an African dance class on that very beach, and she invited me to drum with them.

While I’d had fun drumming with the class the day before, I didn’t want to do it again. The experience had taught me that I much prefer freestyle drumming and dancing, although it also (re)taught me how amazing it is to dance with live drums.

I arrived at Anini Beach at 5:45 pm and changed into my swimsuit. I waved at the drummers and dancers, then headed into the water. Shortly after, the drumming began.

The water was perfect – pure, calm. The sun was shining, then setting, glistening on the water, with changing colors. The white puffy clouds were floating in the sky. The water. The water. The water. Immersed in the water.

After completing my laps, I danced in the water, near the drums. As I did, She spoke to me: “Immerse yourself in this. Become this.” I lay down on my back and floated, as Ocean held me, supported me, nurtured me. “This is my medicine,” I whispered. “This is my medicine…This is my medicine.” Ocean whispered it back, amplified in my ears in the water.

The drums. The drums.

And I understood what I am to do: Boldly step into that which I love, that which heals me. Transform my life entirely. Wander the Earth. Immerse Myself in Her Waters. Bathe in the glory of sound – drumming, dancing, singing, piano, trumpet. Immerse myself in nature, and allow Her to wash over me. Celebrate Life, sing praises to the Divine, seek out others to join me.

And so it is.

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