Office Depot Careless Movement Followup

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 19th, 2009 • Living with Chronic PainPrint Print

Following the setback triggered by careless movement of Office Depot customer service representatives, I contacted corporate headquarters and reported the incident. An e-commerce support person contacted me promptly, apologizing for what had happened and letting me know he would contact the manager of the store where I had the experience. He then assured me that the manager would get back to me shortly.

office depotShe never did. Then again, she was one of the two people barreling past me, so perhaps it’s no surprise. While the incident has already played its course in my life, I wanted to use it as a teachable moment. So I wrote to the e-commerce representative, saying the following:

“Thanks for your care. I want you to know that I have not received any communication from the store manager. I am not surprised, however, because she was in fact the woman involved in the incident I described on my blog. 

“I think it’s critical for employees to have awareness of invisible disabilities such as chronic pain – which affects 78 [oops -- typo, that should have been 76] million Americans. Just because someone looks able bodied does not mean s/he is. And so it is important for your employees to move in a way that allows people ample body space, so as not to cause injury.

“The incident I experienced threw me into an entire week of setback. Had either of the employees paused for 10-20 seconds, allowing enough room to get by, then none of that would have happened.

“Here are follow up blog posts I wrote about this incident and the chain reaction it had in my life.”

I then included the five blog posts I’d written on the topic (not including this one). I’ll keep you posted on any reply.


Kimmie November 20th, 2009

I have to admit, this incident gave me a lot to think about as someone who doesn’t suffer from chronic pain.  I’ve thought about  the times I’ve impatiently squeezed past people in the store – not touching them, but still impacting their personal space – unaware of  this consequence.  A good lesson for me to be a little more considerate.   Think of all the problems that could be avoided  if people had just a little more consideration for others!

Aaliyah January 12th, 2010

Cool story. I did not expect to stumble upon this today, but i am glad i did. Thanks!

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