Pain Be Gone! Natural Pain Relief through Dance

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 29th, 2009 • Dance for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

It’s official: I have danced away the deep, unrelenting pain afflicting me the entire past week. I was homebound for six full days, save for two not-so-successful attempts at going out into the big bad world. Here’s the breakdown of how I responded to the pain and transcended it, follwed by two videos where you can witness my process of dancing out the pain.

  1. I hunkered down, accepting the setback — not a damn thing I could do, so why fight it?
  2. I cancelled or modified appointments — either skipping them altogether or doing them over the phone.
  3. I danced as much as I could, with whatever body parts were not in pain.
  4. When I started getting whack-job nerve pain flying everywhere, I focused on resting, taking herbal remedies for pain, doing energy healing on myself, and receiving energy healing from my mom.
  5. I alternated icing and heating the part in pain.
  6. I took scalding hot showers.
  7. I ordered food through a local grocery store that delivers.
  8. I asked for a friend to pick up goods from an East-West pharmacy and from another store with products not in aforementioned store.
  9. I stayed focused on the positive — feeling gratitude for my windows and patio, the internet and telephone, Napster and Netflix, people who helped me, the fact that I’m my own boss (so I can take off whenever), and the opportunity the situation presented for sharing with others how I haul my ass out of pain.
  10. I remembered other times I was in terrible pain and pulled myself out of it — thus transcending the fear and anxiety I felt about how long the condition would last and how big an impact it would have.

In the first video, “Return to Dance,” I danced for the first time in two days. You can see how I initially tried taking some steps, but it was hurting, so I stopped. But then the dance made it safe for me to move that way, ie, without pain, and so I did.

In the second video, “Transcend Pain through Dance,” you can see the music permeating my body, uplifting my soul, and transporting me out of pain. This video captures the “switch” moment where I stepped out of the disabling pain that was plaguing me all week. It occurred just about 30-45 minutes into my dance session, ie, since the ”Return to Dance” video above – where I started off with pain just from taking little steps. Check out the difference!


Cortaflex February 21st, 2010

Yup, couldn’t agree more. And I’d like to add that you’ve got a great colour scheme on your site, I suffer with colour blindness and many webmasters don’t give us a second thought!

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