Pain-Free Play with Kids

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 7th, 2009 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print


(Me and Miriam)

Even when my pain has been jacked up, I have still, somehow, been able to pick up Angelikah and Miriam, my DBAs — Daughters by Association, ie, my best friend’s daughters. 

(Me, Angelica, and Miriam)

(Me, Angelikah, and Miriam)

Playing with them has the magical power of dance: The love and goofiness I feel with them override the pain. A small scale twist, perhaps, on moms getting an adrenaline rush and picking up cars to get their kids out.

I’m nonetheless jazzed I’m strengthening my core, because among other reasons, I’ll be able to keep being Angelikah’s personal monkey bar, even as she turns six, seven, eight — because as she gets heavier, so will I get stronger.

My BF and our kids

(My BFF and our girls)

Meanwhile, I’m able to fly Miriam all over the place, becuase as a two year old, she’s super light. And on my stronger days, I can respond to Angelica’s, “Me too! Me too!” pleas with the same bird-in-flight play.

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