Personal Trainer Nina Moore on Working with a Client through a Setback

By: Nina Moore, Personal Trainer

November 11th, 2009 • The Humpty Dumpty ChallengePrint Print

The Humpty Dumpty Challenge, Personal Training Session #5: Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This!

Nina Moore

Nina Moore

So Loolwa and I are really making real progress.  I am encouraged by how well things are going, feeling pretty good. Loolwa is moving up, both in the number of repetitions and degree of resistance, in nearly all of her exercises — with very minimal feedback on our pain/discomfort scale.  

I was starting to think about maybe pushing the envelope a little, including some 2 or 3 lbs weights on an exercise or two. On October 25th, however, I turned around and saw Loolwa getting off the elevator, instead of coming up the stairs. One look into her eyes told me things were not good.

This was a day when her body was clearly going to dictate just how much and how far our session would go. It was not a day that I was going to attempt to go into unknown areas — risking the gains that we had accomplished, or worse, putting Loolwa in greater pain.  

crunch 11_02_09Loolwa was visibly anxious, fearful, and discouraged.  It was my responsibility to be the calm in the storm that seemed to be brewing inside of her.  So while remaining very positive about where she was, I took our session back to levels of light intensity and very short durations of effort.

I gave her goals that she could successfuly do (sets of 4- 6 reps), and I checked in with her about her level of discomfort during her reps.  We readjusted, realigned and refocused until Loolwa’s body allowed her a few small victories.  And by the end of the session, some of that brightness began returning to her eyes.

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