Podcast on Natural Pain Relief through Nutrition

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

February 25th, 2008 • Nutrition for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

Check out this half hour interview with my own personal nutrition goddess, Anasuya Batliner, NC, Dipl. ABT, CST.

Topic: How can nutrition bring us chronic pain relief?

Anasuya turned my life around, and she just might do the same to yours. So dig your rubber ducky out of the closet, crank up the volume on your speakers, and treat your body to a luxurious bubble bath while soaking up this sound advice.

Anasuya Batliner: Natural Pain Relief through Nutrition Podcast


Cynthia Guzman December 5th, 2008

I have been in chronic pain for over three years in dealing with my breast cancer and it spreading to my lungs, all the chemo, surgeries, etc. I am looking for natural sources of pain relief.

joanna jensen December 24th, 2008

Hi everyone, I keep saying I am new to chronic pain but it has been 6 years now. I was hit by a car as a pedistrian. My daughter was with me. I have had more than one Dr. say you are lucky to be alive, dont complain. You are lucky your daughter didnt get hit. I got hit again last year in a rear end, my dr said, why does this happen to you? Good Question. So far Ive had back surgery, shoulder surgery, neck epidurals, methadone just upped the amount to 60 millagrams plus norco. Im in pain and upset. Now food is starting to mess with me. When I eat sweets, ice cream or cereal I crash hard, actually do to sleep for 2 hours and cant wake up. Now ive been reading that I probably have inflamation that might be related!!! help, im still relativly young!!! 42, I used to be very active and generally happy. Now its dark and gloomy and pain every day, my back is causing leg pain, butock all the way down my leg and the front of my knees!!! I fees like Im 100.

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