Praying for My Healing

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 26th, 2016 • Travel Dance HealPrint Print

dancing in rain kauaiI have begun actively praying for my complete healing from cancer. I invite love, positive energy, blessings, healing vibrations, healing prayers. For the Heebs out there, I am Loolwa bath Naomi.

My prayers came out as music tonight – vocals without words.

Last night I was at a circle where people shared the sacred music of their traditions. I sat in the middle with a djembe and taught everyone the chorus of Eli Eli Lama (listen to this punk version in “Conformity” on my band website, Iraqis in Pajamas) As I drummed and sang the call, everyone danced in a circle around me, filled with joy and light and Life, as they sang the response. Something magical happens when I drum and lead people in song. People respond with their hearts and whole beings open.

I felt the calling of a priestess. I am going to explore that some more. My healing may lie in being encircled by people singing and dancing, as I sing and drum in the middle. I was actually born a drummer. I drummed on the table, under the table, everywhere, on anything with anything. And I began singing before I began talking.

The cancerous cells are hanging out in my thyroid, which is very near or possibly intertwined with my vocal chords. I will vibrate the area with harmony, light, joy, sacredness, and wholeness. I invite you to sing with me in prayer.

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