Programs on Natural Pain Relief and Lifestyle Management

Dancing with Pain® helps facilitate holistic healing, natural pain relief, and chronic pain lifestyle management — through live and multimedia classes, workshops, and lectures tailored to chronic pain patients and the health care professionals who treat them. No previous meditation or dance experience is ever required.

Dancing with Pain® Basics
In this safe movement class for people in pain, you will learn how to comfortably dance from the spaces in your body that feel good, no matter where or how small, even if just in your imagination; you will fill these areas with powerful, transformative, and healing energy; and you will use dance as a tool for dialoguing with and softening pain, as well as for distilling and channeling the raw energy of pain – ultimately learning how to “recycle” pain to heal itself.


DANCEformation™: Mind-Body-Spirit Transformation through Dance
In this guided dance class, you will move at your own pace, both internally and externally — in a way that enhances body awareness and self-love, taps into and expresses your authentic self, fills your spirit with joy and gratitude, and provides you with a whole-body workout. While this class is not exclusively for people in pain, it is facilitated in a way that is safe for those who are.

The Powerful Patient

Chronic pain has an accompanying chain reaction of events with the power to bring our lives crashing down. Our pain may render us unable to work, in turn causing financial hardship that generates stress, effectively triggering eating patterns that lead to weight gain, thereby inducing chronic depression that undermines our social lives, as such compromising our support network and leaving us in isolation…And on and on and on. Amidst this bio-psycho-social avalanche, how do you regain control of your life? In this discussion workshop for people in pain, you will learn strategies and gather resources for stepping into the driver’s seat of your life and turning it around.

Work Effectively with Chronic Pain Patients
In this discussion workshop for doctors and body workers, you will learn how to make the most of a short session with a thick-folder patient, help chronic pain patients feel empowered and cared for, utilize an integrated East/West approach to treating pain, and work effectively within the limitations of health insurance policies. You also will learn how to create a physically and emotionally safe space for treating pain, work with the spiritual dimensions of chronic pain, and guide clients through the maze of resources for chronic pain relief.


Corporate Wellness Programs
Given that 76 million Americans are living with pain, and given that chronic pain is the most under-treated condition in America today, your company is sure to have employees who are suffering. Employees with untreated pain are less able to focus, be productive, or contribute to a positive work environment than those whose pain levels are effectively managed. Bringing Dancing with Pain® to your workplace is a cost-effective way to provide resources, tools, guidance, and support to your staff — helping them transform their lives and, in effect, the workplace.

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