Random Nerve Pain: Argh!

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 2nd, 2009 • Living with Chronic PainPrint Print

So I’m been sitting here, obsessively working on promoting The Humpty Dumpty Challenge and getting everything in gear. About an hour ago, I got up to get something — a glass of water, methinks, and out of nowhere, I had this sharp nerve pain right in the middle of my left thigh. I seriously could not put my left leg down because of it. So I was hobbling this way and that, including over to my heating pad, to bring it back to the chair with me.

Mystery pain. Out of nowhere. I have never had pain in this area before. Although now my left hip and low back are doing the snap-crackle-pop boogie, so I’m thinking this nerve thing may be referral pain, as I think it’s called, stemming higher up — residual from my fun Office Depot excursion the other day. 

I feel frustrated, becuase I spent three days dancing away all the pain. By this evening, I was bouncing around the living room again. All that was left was mild discomfort in my right thigh/groin area. Otherwise the pain was gone. Sigh.

I thought about what my mom would say. When I call my mom and tell her I’m in pain, the conversation goes like this:

Mom: “Dance.”
Me: “I did.”
Mom: “How did you feel?”
Me: “I felt good when I was dancing; I didn’t have any pain.”
Mom: “So dance again. Dance whenever you have pain”
Me: “But then I’m going to be dancing all the time.” (insert whine)
Mom: “So do it.”

That’s it. I’m officially becoming a Sister of Perpetual Motion.

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