Some Things I’m Missing While Traveling

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 31st, 2016 • Travel Dance HealPrint Print

  • My bike and all its accoutrements
  • The bike paths where I can bike safely, until I’m physically spent
  • My bike rack, which enables me to take my bike where I want to cycle
  • My padded living room/dance floor, where I can dance around barefoot and bounce up and down, without pain
  • My sound system set up 24/7, waiting for me to dance, without having to do anything
  • A space where I can blast music when I dance
  • My go-to healthcare practitioners, whom I know are safe and healing
  • My drum
  • My couch, where I curl up and write in the mornings
  • My bass and amplifier
  • Decent places to go for music performances and open mics (this is an issue specific to Kauai)
  • My gym, where I can go swimming
  • My ergonomically correct chair and desk
  • My all-natural bed, which is firm yet soft
  • The constancy and assurance of living in one space
  • Control over my environment – ie, living in a place that is mine, and that I can therefore invest in, with all the things I need and that keep me happy
  • Feeling rooted in a place where I can invest in relationships and build – creating community and finding my go-to spots.

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