Taking Care of my Health Needs

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 26th, 2009 • Living with Chronic PainPrint Print

No supervisor showed up after I waited half an hour, so I decided to walk over to the customer service desk — to see if I could go to the head of the line and explain my situation to a customer service agent and get some help. I ended up seeing a man walking down the hall who looked like a supervisor. I asked if he was, and he said yes.

So I told him I have a number of disability and health issues and that I needed help figuring out my situation. I asked if he would walk over to the chairs so that I could sit down and tell him what was going on. He was the most patient, nicest man ever, with very gentle energy. His name is William Arceo. I hope United Airlines gives him a raise! He caringly listened to me tell him all my tales of woe, then immediately arranged for me to fly out tomorrow on an aisle seat.

It’s taking a while to get it all arranged, but I don’t care. Another friendly and caring agent, Jouvannie Castillo, is helping me out, going back and forth, making sure she gets me a flight with an aisle seat at a time that works for me. I am sitting down, I know I’ll have a good night’s rest, and I know I’ll be flying out on a good seat, when I won’t be at risk of getting sick. Yay for fabulous people. Just a little care and kindness makes such a difference in our lives when we need some assistance.

I just called the Marriott and made a reservation. Bonus: They have a whirlpool. I am so going to use it. The whole ordeal is costing me about $200+, including cab fare, but my health is totally worth it.

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