The Chronic Pain Kitchen

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

December 1st, 2009 • Nutrition for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

breakfast take IIA new friend came over tonight and complimented me on my cooking. I assured her that I put minimal effort into throwing food together. One thing led to another, and we decided to launch a new webisode series, The Chronic Pain Kitchen.

In this upcoming series, I will share my punk-ass, can’t-be-bothered, fuck-cookbooks approach to anti-inflammatory, organic cooking. Think Rachel Ray meets a bad back. You’ll get tips like…

  1. Where do I find the thingamadoogee that opens jars without hurting my wrists?
  2. Which spices are anti-inflammatory?
  3. How do I spend as little time as possible in the kitchen, while still making a nutritious meal? 
  4. How do I balance food allergies, chronic pain needs, and being a vegan
  5. What are the seriously (but seriously) basic kitchen tools I need to function?

As we gear up to launch the program, let me know if there are any things in particular that you would like us to cover!


Laurie December 3rd, 2009

Thanks heavens someone is organized about getting this information out there..the information and what works and doesn’t work is so overwhelming..that I end up taking advil or soma..lots of stretching, ice, hot baths, thai massage..but that’s it really..haven’t explored diet or supplements too much…never know how much to take or how much spice to add to food….so confusing….keep me posted about whatever u can…

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