The Humpty Dumpty Challenge: Cycling Session 2

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 12th, 2009 • The Humpty Dumpty ChallengePrint Print

tike on beach 11_12_09Today marks the second cycling session I’ve done since launching The Humpty Dumpty Challenge.

Just the facts, ma’am:

  1. Total Miles: 10.15
  2. Average Speed: 9.8 mph
  3. Maximum Speed: 19.2 mph
  4. Time: 1:01 (hell yeah — that’s gematria for Michael, the angel of life! Woo hoo!)

The Narrative:

Today didn’t feel as easy as my last cycling session. I had pain in my left thigh/groin area, but more importantly, I felt weighed down by emotional distress. Earlier in the day, I was subject to the disrespectful and rude behavior of a toxic person, which left me feeling sick. I tried dancing this person’s energy out of my system. Dancing left me feeling better, but not totally over it. 

barefootI had some anxiety about biking, because I wasn’t feeling grounded. Fears of falling and so forth. But I jumped on the damn bike and did it anyhow. (Take that, Law of Attraction people: Just because you fear it doesn’t mean you make it happen. So bug off.)

I felt better immeidately after biking. Nothing like wind in the face. Er…not so great when biking with an asthmatic cough, but whateva. Luv it. I still felt emotionally weiged down, though.

sunWhen I got to the beach, I parked my bike and walked, bafefoot, to the water’s edge and sat down. As I was sitting there, the sun came out from behind the clouds — a blazing ball of orange. I took it as a metaphor. And I took the image home through my trusty digital camera.

When it was getting dark, I got up and started heading home. Just before my exit from the bike path, I passed a guy cruising north in a wheelchair. I’d passed him when we were going in reverse directions, and I’d wanted to stop him and ask if I could photograph him – as an inspirational example for those of us with chronic pain and disability. But in that initial encounter, I was hesitant, not knowing if he might feel irritated by my request.

sam and maxAfter passing this guy on the rebound, I decided what the hell. I turned my bike around and chased after him. When I said hello, he was super friendly. So I told him about Dancing with Pain, and I asked if he’d like to contribute to the blog and have his pix taken for my post today. He was totally into both. He was also, I suddenly noticed when face-to-face, wicked cute!  

sky on fireHis name was Sam, and his dog’s name was, I think, Max. His dog was also adorable. And when I told Sam that I run a company all about transcending chronic pain and disability, he said, “I transcend disability every day!” Awesome.

That interaction lifted my spirits. You know when you meet a person with a disability who is actively pushing his or her edge, that person’s got SPIRIT. It’s a similar reason why I love hiring employees from the expat community in Israel. You know that anyone who gives up financial success and physical comfort for Zionist ideology, amidst a war zone and culture of poverty, has got to be just the right kind of nuts.


Kimmie November 13th, 2009

What a cool experience!  You worked past doubt of thinking Sam would be annoyed and decided to initiate the interaction and the outcome was very positive!  This is insipirational!

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