The Humpty Dumpty Challenge Session #8: I Can Feel the Difference!

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 17th, 2009 • The Humpty Dumpty ChallengePrint Print

I had a great training session with Nina today. It felt liberating to have nothing standing in the way of my progress, so that I was able to do all the exercises. I did have mild thigh/groin pain in the right side, but for the most part I was able to work through it.

(Nina demonstrates the new move)

(Nina demonstrates the new move)

Nina and I check in about that kind of stuff, discussing the pain and determining, on a case-by-case basis, where it means I should stop and where it means I can proceed — slowly, cautiously, and in a modified form.

My lunges and squats felt pretty easy. At one point, I felt so strong that I decided I was the Incredible Hulk. Right at that moment, without my saying anything, Nina exclaimed, “Go rockstar!” Apparently I was emanating my Hulky essence.

Even the new exercise Nina gave me (combinbing two previous routines) felt easy, once I got the hang of it. It involved wrapping the green band around a machine (for resistance), with only one side of the band protruding. Then I held onto that side of the band, did a squat, then stood up and did an arm pull back with the band.

(Me rockin' the new move)

(Me rockin' the new move)

It’s been three hours since I finished the session. While I’m feeling that good kind of tired, I’m not feeling completely wiped out — ie, needing to lie down for an hour or five, as has been the case in the past. I am, however, feeling particularly interested in the chocolate ice cream in my freezer. But that’s another issue altogether.

Oh one more cool report back from the day: Nina reminded me a few times throughout the session that I needed to stay mindful of my body and any limitations. “I’m going to be going for movement forward [progress in the routine], because you’re having a good day today. But keep checking in with your body, and tell me if you’re had enough at any point.”

She also kept encouraging me to rest as much as I needed at the end of each exercise, before moving on to the next one. And the thing is, she really means it when she says that. She’s not one of those people who say, “Take your time” with their words but indicate otherwise with their impatient body gestures.

These details are super important, for a lot of reasons. Most significantly, they create an atmosphere of inviation and a sense of safety. I’ve got so many battle scars from asserting my boundaries, that it can feel downright scary to do so — especially when I’ve got a lot riding on things working out with someone.

On a biomechanical level, the sense of safety creates a state of internal relaxation, instead of triggering fear and anxiety. And of course, we operate at peak performance in our relaxed state.

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