The Markings of a Great Doctor

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

October 27th, 2010 • Patient AdvocacyPrint Print

I love my new doctor! She has the markings of a great doctor:

  1. She’s friendly and caring in a genuine and totally matter-of-fact way. Not trying to go overboard in the “I’m a caring person” routine. She just is.
  2. She’s matter-of-fact and professional in her intake. No commentary, no drama, no unsolicited opinions about what kinds of injuries I have had or what that says about my karma or luck or fate or any of that crap. She just wrote down what happened and when.
  3. She’s responsible. Once she took down the information about the various things going on, she got down to business setting me up for different appointments with specialists.
  4. She’s responsive. When I told her about my hypersensitivity – asking her to communicate with me before doing anything, so that my body would have time to prepare, and also asking her to be very gentle — she was, again, no-nonsense about it all. She communicated and paused before doing anything, and get this: She actually asked me how pressure was, to ensure that she was touching me gently enough.
  5. She’s thorough. She initiated asking me questions about some different matters, to make sure we had all our bases covered and that I was getting all the care I needed.

Seriously, all the drama I have been through in the past would have been avoided if the doctors had this basic approach — you know, one of CARING FOR THEIR PATIENTS. D’uoh! I guess they forgot to teach that in most medical schools.

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