The Marriott Hotel Chain Is Great for People with Chronic Pain

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

April 1st, 2010 • Living with Chronic PainPrint Print

As those of you following my blog know, I love the Marriott hotel chain, and wherever possible, I stay at the Marriott while traveling. Below you’ll find some bullet-point reasons why. Here’s the cherry on top: The Marriott is sponsoring accommodations for my cameraman and me, as we interview leading health care practitioners for an upcoming informational video. Thank you Marriott!

Top five reasons why I stay at the Marriott:

1.   They are happy to accommodate my needs.

Wherever possible, staff provides me with a mini-fridge, and where they don’t have one, they store my ice packs in their own fridge. They also get rid of the feathers, bring me extra blankets, and make sure that I’m in a room with the least amount of noise. Icing on the cake: Unlike at other hotels where I have stayed, they are quite consistent in being super friendly and eager to please – ie, they don’t tend to give off body language making me feel like I’m a pain in the ass for having special requests.

 2.   They have jacuzzis

I sleep much better when I can dip in a super hot bath and get a jacuzzi jet massaging areas that feel especially tight or painful. In all my travels, I have only been to one Marriott (Courtyard property in Chicago) without a jacuzzi. You can always call ahead, to confirm that the property where you’re staying does have one.

 3.   They have gyms.

I can keep up my exercise routine while traveling. Some of the Marriotts have more equipment and lighter weights than others, and some maintain the equipment better than others, but generally there are options for me in the Marriott gyms.

 4.   Their beds are pretty firm.

Some are firmer than others, so I make a point of bringing one of those egg-carton-looking, narrow camping mats, just in case I need extra support. (And I recommend that you do too: Always plan for the unexpected.) But even if I forget the mat, their beds have generally offered sufficient support to make it through the night comfortably. Only once was there a bed that was squishy, but the staff went out of their way to help me find a solution.

 5.   Their prices are reasonable.

Given the services, amenities, and quality that the Marriott consistently provides, their rates are very reasonable. In addition, they have a rewards program that has enabled me to stay for free at locations across the country!

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