Things Are Looking Up!

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 28th, 2010 • Living with Chronic PainPrint Print

Ahhhhhh. It seems that finally, after three intensive, nonstop months of chaos and distress, my life is returning to balance and harmony. If you are one of the people who has been praying for me, I thank you. Here’s the happety haps as of today:

The management of my apartment complex has come around to accommodating my needs in real time – already giving me some important heads-up, putting signs on the dumpster (asking people not to slam the lid), and scheduling an appointment for us to meet and brainstorm about outstanding matters and challenges in accommodation.

My neighbors downstairs left a sweet note apologizing for banging — saying they weren’t aware and that they’ll try to be more careful. They also thanked me for my friendliness and invites and said they are super busy but, schedule permitting, would like to get together down the line.

The president of the vegan group, where my eyes were assaulted by camera flashes (two meetings in a row) sent me a lovely email asking me what she can do to help make the group a safe space for me. She otherwise expressed that she wants to speak more with me at the next meeting and that she hopes to continually facilitate awareness of how to live compassionately and consciously. She also said that she hopes that I keep coming back.

I took photos of my gorgeous yet unwearable shoes and took said shoes, plus two big fat garbage bags full of clothes I don’t want anymore, to a thrift store. While I declined the offer of $27.50 for two pairs of shoes that had cost me about $400, I set in motion the act of updating my wardrobe and getting rid of that which no longer serves me. And I’m going to check out selling my shoes on E-Bay.

Meanwhile, I did some poking around at Macy’s and found boots that I think will work out fantastically for dancing at night clubs – knee-high, laced up and down (albeit without those cool-ass Victorian steel clasps thingamadoogees that I so love), super comfie and supported. Just $66 on sale, and Macy’s is giving an additional 25% off in a couple of days. Having shoes I can walk in, dance in, and look like a hottie in can seriously turn my life around. Or more accurately, give me a life.

Hurrah for transformation!

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