Things I learned (or re-learned) in Kauai:

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

September 4th, 2016 • Travel Dance HealPrint Print

  • I need to play music every day. Music is my soul. In particular, I need to drum, sing, and play piano.
  • I need to be in and near the ocean. Someday I would like to live where I can see the ocean from my window.
  • I need to live in walking distance to nature, so that I can just step outside my house and soon be in a major natural place – ocean, mountain, etc.
  • I prefer an environment that is slower-paced, with fewer people and lots of nature everywhere. However, I also like (and miss when I’m away from it) being where there are social gathering places, like cafes and music clubs. I’m wondering how to balance both. I’d probably rather live in nature and drive into a city for nightlife.
  • It is spectacular to watch the sun rise over the ocean. I’d like to do that again and again. It’s witnessing and confirming Rebirth, every morning.
  • I thrive in an environment with lots of private space.
  • It is soothing to my soul to live somewhere safe – where I can walk around in the middle of the night and stand naked in the yard and not worry about locking my door all the time or having a burglar alarm.
  • I like sitting on rocks in the ocean.
  • I need a big kitchen with a blender and coffee maker and cutting board and huge salad bowl.
  • When things are not manifesting in one area, I can shift my focus to another. For example, when for whatever reason community is not happening, as was the case in Kauai, I can shift my focus to deep inner experience, personal communion with the water, stars, land, Gd/dess, and my Core Self.
  • I love trees and flowers.
  • There is healing energy to be accessed at all times. I need to consciously open my receptors and practice receiving and absorbing and embodying the Healing. This energy is especially present and/or palpable in Nature.
  • I love being around animals. Yes even around roosters, though I’d prefer them being a couple properties over when they are sounding their bugle call. I love how there are animals everywhere here – lizards on the windows, birds of all kinds and colors hopping and flying around – including the white birds with their beautiful angular bodies, soaring across the sky above the ocean, and birds playing in the ocean spray above the crashing waves when the sun rises, and crabs running sideways across rocks, and tiny sand crabs poking their cute heads up out of the sand and scurrying to the water, and fish floating around in the water where I’m swimming, and wild pigs and their piglets running around the farm, and owls soaring in the sky, and chickens and roosters hanging around on highways, in gas stations, in the shopping malls, and pretty much anywhere humans go.
  • I love moving my body in nature and in ways that are not externally demarcated – dialing in to how I am feeling, instead of how many miles I have swum/biked/run. When I move my body in harmony with nature – especially when my feet are bare – I absorb the power and healing forces of nature, and I heal in ways that do not seem possible in a swimming pool or on a treadmill. There is a whole lot going on at once when I am swimming in the ocean. So as I move forward on my healing path, I need to consciously put myself in natural environments as much as possible.
  • Even when people seem cool and in alignment with my lifestyle and belief system, and even if I reach out to these people, we may not connect, or they may not reciprocate, or for whatever reason, we may connect, but they may drop it after the initial connection. It is not mine to figure out or judge or wallow in or base my self-esteem on. Instead, it is mine to practice gratitude for whatever spark I received from them, and continue my path. Keep searching for my Tribe, and trust that I will find them, whenever, wherever. Also, as one person I met said, “Sometimes we meet people for the information they share with us.”
  • I feel truly Alive and Free and open and connected harmoniously with Gd/dess and Nature and my Core Authentic Self, when I am naked in the ocean or in the yard, barefoot, underneath a sky with a billion stars.
  • I am a Singing Drumming Priestess. I need to pursue drumming and chanting and singing sacred music, inspiring people to come to life through dance and call-and-response. I feel incredibly Powerful and Alive when I am in the center of a circle, drumming, and people are dancing in a circle around me, in particular when singing the sacred music of my ancestors.
  • I am very, very different from most people. On the one hand, my heart is huge and open wide, and I yearn to connect with everyone from a heart-and-soul place. So from that perspective, I want to be around people. On the other hand, given how most people move through the world, and how they think, it is often draining and painful to be around people, so I need to keep my distance. It is a practice of balance.
  • I love stormy weather and crashing ocean waves. The circumstances of my life have been very much like the ocean when it is most beautiful to me. So why try to change it? Love the storm, love the power and beauty and grace and joy that emit from the waves pounding against the rocks. Ululate and dance and sing in joy.

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