Things I’ve learned (or re-learned) on Kauai So Far

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

August 21st, 2016 • Travel Dance HealPrint Print

  • I need to focus and refocus, commit and recommit: Set my intention, meditate on my vision, in the morning when I wake up and in the night before I sleep. People and situations will pull on my energy all day long, distracting me from my focus and follow-through. Gently come back to my focus and commitment, as I transition into and out of sleep.
  • Schedules may be useful in helping me find balance between all my needs.
  • Wherever I am, even in a run-down area, I can find and experience harmony, bliss, and joy.
  • Every place will have its strengths and weaknesses, light and dark, positive and negative. Notice what the place has to offer me. Step into and fill up that space with my whole being. Juice it for all it’s worth. If something is lacking there, I can fulfill that dimension in me, somewhere else, at another time.
  • Wherever I am, even in paradise, I can feel doom and gloom inside.
  • Magic is everywhere – in nature, serendipitous events, and human connection. Revel, rejoice, and dance in it.
  • Maybe start shifting my focus to the magic instead of focusing on things that need to be fixed. Pondering this one. I think it’s important to be conscious of where things can be uplifted and how, and to take action to that end – which requires focus.
  • Wearing a dress or skirt makes it easier to pee when I hike, especially if there’s not a lot of privacy on the trail.
  • I like beaches without people or dogs.
  • I feel a certain loneliness everywhere I go, because I live differently than others. I have done the work of boldly stepping outside the confines of socialization, and most people have not. I am therefore typically the only person dancing in my chair at a café; ululating, jumping around, and hootin’ and hollerin’ in the waves; and singing through the streets.
  • Given that I don’t participate in the cult of female conformity, it’s challenging to connect with men romantically – I don’t engage the usual roles and cues. And yet, that’s more exciting – I get to chart my own course and experiment and be bold.
  • People defy dog laws everywhere and let their dogs run loose, without any thought of the consequence to people in the vicinity.
  • I love grey on grey – grey clouds, grey water, especially when it’s raining. I particularly love swimming in the ocean when it’s raining. Especially when everyone runs for shelter and leaves the ocean all to me. I also love dancing and drumming in the rain.
  • I love the stormy ocean. It’s beautiful. Given my ancestral and family history/circumstance, my life is like a stormy ocean, with crashing waves. Why do I try to turn it into a placid pond? Placid ponds are boring. Celebrate the messiness and intensity of my life, no matter how others judge me or it. The crashing waves are energy and inspiration for art, motion, life.
  • I like having my own space. And I like lots of space.
  • Music is essential to have in my life, constantly, in different forms. I need a piano, drum, and my voice, always. I miss my bass.
  • I like things in Seattle – proper cafes with stuck-up people, excellent organic coffee, electrical outlets, bathrooms, and ergonomically appropriate table-chair ratios; a vibrant indie rock and punk music scene replete with a couple radio stations that play this music; bike paths every which way you go; and hipsters with aloof attitude and quiet desperation. I miss those things. I do not miss the traffic or aggression or construction on every street or – get this – the nonstop grey clouds. I like sunshine, it turns out! Grey, yes. Grey 24/7, no.
  • I like things on a small scale – like an island where you run into the same people, which can help build a sense of community over time.
  • I hate roosters. Kill, kill, kill.
  • While there are things I love about traveling, there are things I love and miss about being in one place. I got all my stuff for a reason – because it serves me, takes care of my needs, is a reflection of me. It’s there. I’m here. I want my stuff! Also I like creating/investing in a space – again, it’s an evolving reflection of me that takes care of my physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional needs.
  • In the blink of an eye, darkness turns to light. What I feel in this moment may be completely different than what I feel in a few hours.








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