This Vegan-Plus, Cancer-Busting Diet Rocks. You Should Totally Try It!

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

January 4th, 2011 • Nutrition for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

My diet fucking rocks. I would not have said this a week ago. I definitely would not have said this a month ago, when I was running after myself with an orange essence air freshener, while fantasizing about hand-killing chickens. But something happened last week, after just shy of a month of my hard-core, vegan-plus, cancer-busting diet:

My body settled in. Suddenly everything was really calm. In a profound way. Not just that my system stopped yelling, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!” but a mind-body-spirit calm permeated throughout me.

Which is not all that surprising, considering what I have learned about dairy recently. Did you know that the highest incidence of osteoporosis is in countries with the highest intake of dairy, and that the lowest incidence is in countries with the lowest intake of dairy? So much for getting one’s calcium from a glass of cow’s milk.

Plus, as I found out, dairy is like sugar in that it’s got addictive chemical compounds that basically mess up your body’s circuits and leave you fucked like a cheese crack addict. Which I totally was. Just days before taking on this diet, in fact, I tweeted about how happiness defined was a loaf of fresh whole grain bread, a big fat hunk o’ cheese, and a dark chocolate bar. Yummm…

Anyhow, I’m feeling amazing, I’m losing weight, my skin is clearing up, and – get this – all my wanky food behaviors are gone. Like that. After a lifetime of circling through compulsive overeating, binge eating, anorexia, mild bulimia, and hard-core exercise bulimia, I suddenly don’t think about food, except when I’m hungry. And then it’s a very calm tuning-in to my body, figuring out what I need from the super healthy choices in my kitchen, and going about preparing it – with all the creativity and excitement of a mad scientist at work.

So while I started off on this diet with the intention of shrinking my nodule and celebrating with a big fat slab of stake, I think this diet just might be a keeper.


Rochelle Odell April 11th, 2011

I had the first Primary Care Physician in all my years of treatment since my diagnosis of CRPS/RSD order a Vitamin D level.  It was almost below a negatie number.  I questioned her why did I have to take such a high dose (that’s when she told me of my extremely low Vit. D level) and that it can increase your pain and cause your bones to dissolve.  I am having a hard time finding my bones dissolving, until I realized this insidious disease causes Osteoporosis, which in all reality is our bones dissolving.  I did my own research on appropriate doses of this “natural” vitamin, which our sun provides for free.  But now that I am disabled and should I get sunburned, it causes my CRPS/RSD pain to increase.  I am mostly house bound except when the winter rain comes to S. CA., and have to pull weeds while the ground is still moist and easiest to pull.  I could just spray it, but if the day is nice and the “weed bug” has bitten me, I take full advantage of it and pull the weeds. Of course I can’t move for days afterwards, but it’s nice to feel the sun on my body.  I was one of those 60′s kids who used to mix iodone with baby oil and fry my skin.  As I got older and we learned about skin cancer, I used a low amount of skin coverage.  Although I am a natural blonde, not the snow white ones, but I have the “Black Irish” in me.  That term comes from when the Spaniards pilleged and raped the Celtic women and because they were  darker skined than a Celtic was, thus the term came about.  It also applies to the “Black Dutch”. Seems those Spaniards got around.  The only good thing was my skin, in spite of my blond hair (white when small, but would darken in the winter to a dishwater blonde as it’s called), was what I used to call a pukey yellow, meaning I could get a tan in two weeks that would take other women all summer of laying out all day to accomplish.  I am 64 now, aack, and the age spots are showing up on my face.  I can’t count the times I was fried to a bright red, but by the next day it had already turmed to a nice tan.

I also would love to dance the pain away, however, my CRPS/RSD is in both feet, along with the rest of my body, so dancing is a tad painful and causes a major pain flare.  I love the Irish Jig, so when I do feel like trying it, I have a little Doxie who thinks she can dance with me, making my efforts all the more difficult, but does make me laugh, a lot.  Guess it is in the blood, since my great grandmother came over from Ireland.  On my Dad’s side, it’s an English, Scotch and Irish mix.  Discovered one of my Dad’s cousin’s is doing my paternal family tree to learn we do have blue blood and are related to one of the Henry’s, unfortunately, we have no money to go with it.  I like to do bed exercises.  Less stress on the feet and body but helps to keep my blood flowing.

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