My Mom’s Trauma Recovery

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

November 24th, 2008 • Patient AdvocacyPrint Print

My mom has a fiery spirit that is pulling her through trauma recovery. Among other things, she tackled several nurses in her barely conscious state, despite all her broken bones, while trying to do a “jail break” out of the hospital. I’ve been laughing through tears.

One particularly funny scene was when a nurse had to use her entire body to keep my mom’s right hand (attached to a broken shoulder, I might add) down away from my mom’s face, because my mom kept ripping off her oxygen mask and tubes. The nurse couldn’t believe she had to fight so hard to keep my mom  – a little 74 year old lady — in check.

Another time, my mom seduced a nurse into untying one of her hand restraints — a feature added because of aforementioned behavior — by quietly asking the nurse to free the left hand (rather than belligerently hollering her usual mantra, “Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!”) As soon as her left hand was free, my mom grabbed at the nurse’s throat and screamed, “Get! Me! Out of here!”

I asked the nurse if she wanted help, but she said no. Meanwhile, my mom managed to pull off the oxygen mask while choking the nurse.

When the nurse finally maneuvered the oxygen mask back on and got my mom’s hand off her throat, my mom dug her fingers deep into the nurse’s arm, while continuing to yell. (Did I mention my mom had broken bones all over her body?) It was quite a fight, and I had a front row seat.

My mom woke up two days ago and was totally lucid for about half an hour that day and yesterday. I was deliriously excited. By that point, I’d had three nervous breakdowns – oy – so I really appreciated the encouraging turn of events.

Everyone was so happy, that we all (friends, nurses, and I) started talking to my mom non-stop, which tired her out. “Too much! Too much!” she cried, throwing her arms over her head. Oops!

Today she was pretty out of it. She was also really anxious and frightened before the pelvis/tailbone/hip surgery, which started at 1:30 pm and was supposed to last six hours. But they finished in only two hours, and my mom sailed through it. She’s now happily recovering, aware that the struggle is over.

All that is left is resting and taking the time to heal.

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