Try an Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Natural Pain Relief

By: Brad Lemley, Editorial Director,

June 8th, 2008 • Nutrition for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

I suggest that people try an anti-inflammatory diet for natural pain relief. A lot of medical science is determining that chronic inflammation is the root cause of virtually all degenerative diseases which are plagues in Western society right now.

Everything from coronary disease to Alzheimer’s is the result of a chronic inflammatory state, at least partially. So if you can get inflammation under control, you can be healthier as you get older

I think that Dr. Weil is probably one of the leading synthesizers of the current state of nutritional wisdom. If you look at, you’ll find an article that summarizes the premise of what he calls the “anti-inflammatory diet.”

This diet is designed to give you abundant vitamins, minerals and fiber. It’s essentially a diet that is extremely heavy on fruits and vegetables. The major protein is fish. The principle fat is olive oil.

It includes low-glycemic loaded carbohydrates. That is, carbs that are not quickly converted (like rice), not just whole-wheat flour. Whole-wheat flour is not low-glycemic. Rather, intact grains like brown rice, or bulgur wheat, or steel-cut oats, which are metabolized more slowly.


kiyafet oyunu August 14th, 2010

Thanks forrrr that article ! Keep It Up sending posts like that

Val Gadoury August 28th, 2010

Hi, thank you very much for your great post. You don’t know how this helped me.

Nathan B November 24th, 2013

Diet is very important.  Some foods can really reduce pain and inflammation.  Water is all important for inflammatory conditions as well.  Diet can also influence the anxiety and depression that come with pain disorders and chronic pain.

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