Try Ground Nuts for Anti-Inflammatory Protein

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

July 25th, 2008 • Nutrition for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

With my move looming ahead, it feels like the month before Passover in my kitchen, and then some. Instead of getting rid of leavened products only, I am racing to finish off everything. I refuse to stick jars of spaghetti sauce, packets of shredded coconut, and cans of kidney beans into a U-Haul truck.

In raking through my cupboards, I have come to realize that I have bags and bags of nuts: walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, Macadamia nuts, and cashews, not to mention whatever is lurking above and beyond my reach at this time. I kept buying nuts, because they are a fast food that is easy to tote around, an amazing source of protein, and in most cases, an equally amazing anti-inflammatory nutrient.

But they are also, in my opinion, not terribly exciting on their own, and too clunky to use in most of my recipes. Pressured to use them, and fast, I realized that if I grind them up (in a wrist-friendly contraption), they can go with pretty much everything – stir fries, steamed vegetables, salads, soups, you name it.

That realization in turn has left me eating a lot more healthy these days. In search of a quick protein, I used to turn to cheese — a great source of calcium and protein, yes, but dubious with regards to its impact on the body. In my case, milk products leave me craving lots of food, which in turn leaves me imbalanced in my eating habits.

I need to eat protein every four hours, or my energy crashes, and I end up fatigued — since my body is using up energy 24/7, fighting pain. By adding ground nuts to fresh vegetables, I can have a simple salad, without worrying about adding another dish to get that all-important protein hit.

Yay nuts!


Grace Huie April 16th, 2009

Thank you for your insight!!

Protein Shakes August 4th, 2009

Found your blog while browsing Google. Bookmarked. Looking forward to more nutrition tips.

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