Vibrations Heal: Sing Away Pain. Sing Away Possible Cancer.

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

March 28th, 2011 • Mind-Body MedicinePrint Print

Back in 2006, I took voice lessons. During one lesson, I decided to see if I could use the pain in my ankle, which had been plaguing me for a few years by then. So I channeled it into my voice. “YES!” the teacher responded, clueless as to what exactly had changed, but knowing that I had somehow stepped up my singing game in that moment.

I shared with her that I had channeled the pain from my ankle. We agreed that energy is energy, and that I had basically turbo-powered my sound in that moment. In forthcoming sessions, I channeled pain from my ankle and other places in my body. Like clockwork, I got the same response, every time: “YES!”

Oh yeah, and I felt better after — ie, by channeling the pain into sound, the pain left the part of the body hurting. Which makes sense, given what I have discovered over the years: Pain is trapped energy. Like, way the fuck too much energy stuck in one spot.

Yesterday on Twitter, I read about a study, I think at the University of Florida, demonstrating that vibrations have the power to heal pain. They did some convoluted study where they caused pain, then sent vibrations to that place, and the pain stopped.

But you can do your own study that’s a whole lot cooler: Put on your favorite music and dance with the parts of your body that can move pain-free (even if just your imagination). The vibrations from the music, combined with the vibrations from your body, probably combined with lots of other more esoteric stuff, heals. Dramatically. Quickly.

Which is why I’m turning to vibrations to get rid of this honkin’ nodule on my thyroid, which happens to be pressing down on my vocal chord. I’m going to vibrate the damn thing away and vibrate my thyroid back to health. I started singing yesterday. I sounded hoarse and had some singing range missing. But today my voice was ringing clear like a bell, 15 min into my session.

Vibrations are powerful. They can crumble buildings and mountains and shatter glass and heal pain and, I believe, heal pretty much anything, if we put our hearts and intentions into it.

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