Virtual Dance Party

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

February 19th, 2010 • Dance for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

I believe that we have the power to connect on the energy airwaves, by putting out our intention — as if tuning into a radio dial.  I also believe that as we bring together our energies, we amplify the power we have to use our respective energies to heal. 

I have decided to tap into this social alchemy by setting aside a time each day for all of us to join our energies together in a virtual dance party.  Follow me on Twitter, to find out the time each day. 

Even if you are at work in an office, you can stop at the given time, take one minute to set up your intention to give and receive this energy, then dance with us in your imagination.  And of course, wherever you are, keep in mind the basic principles of Dancing with Pain®:

  1. Dance from the floor, in a chair, or on your feet. It’s all equally legit!  If your pain is seriously jacked up throughout your body, rest in the most comfortable of all positions, and dance in your imagination.
  2. Stay in your comfort zone.  Move gently and cautiously, especially as you begin to explore this method, so that you become aware of a looming pain zone before you cross into it.  Stay on the no-pain side of that line. You never, ever want to trigger a pain response through your movement.  The Dancing with Pain® motto is, “Less pain, more gain.”  We fill up and expand the place of comfort, ease, and joy.  The light of the candle expands, diminishing the darkness.
  3. Be aware of and responsive to your body in any given moment.  What feels easy-breezy during the first five minutes may start hurting after.  If a particular movement begins to hurt, stop doing it.  Get creative and find out what you can do. Value micro-movements and micro-shifts in your mobility.

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